Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

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In the process of using television, there are certainly many of you encounter the situation of the Remote TV "suddenly died". So how can we overcome that situation as quickly as possible? Please refer to the following article of WebTech360 to get tips to help you fix Remote TV at home.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

During the process you are using suddenly there is a certain button or an entire area on the Remote completely useless, then surely your Remote is having a pretty big problem. Sometimes the worse situation is that you absolutely cannot use any of the functions on the Remote.

1. Some causes of spoilage.

- Maybe the battery is out.

- During use sometimes you press with too much force, in the long run affect the processing unit inside the Remote.

- Due to the faulty of the receiving eye signal on the TV remote.

Error in the remote's printed circuitry is also a common cause.

- Too much fall also causes the Remote's internal components to malfunction.

- Leave Remote for too long without using.

2. Some simple repair operations

The lightest and easiest to fix condition is Remote battery exhaustion. So if you see any strange signs from the Remote such as difficult to receive the signal, ... you should check the battery first, if used for a long time, you should try to replace it with a Another new battery.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Replacing batteries is one of the quickest handling operations.

In case you have replaced the battery with a new one but the device still does not work, please follow some steps below.

Step 1: Prepare a set of tools to remove the Remote, if you do not have these tools, you can go to some electronics stores and buy them. In addition you also need to have powder coating to help Remote work better.

Step 2: This step is quite important and you need to always remember that is to remove the Remote battery. Because if the battery is left, it may cause some unnecessary damage.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Step 3: Use a screwdriver to remove all screws on the Remote.

Note: if you do not have experience, you should use your phone to capture the placement of components to avoid confusion when reinstalling.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Step 4: You should gently split the Remote, avoid doing too hard to break the motherboard on the inside, making the situation worse.

Step 5: For the rubber buttons, you can soak in warm water or dishwashing liquid to clean, then let them dry and use powder coating to repaint the inside of the rubber stopper because this is the contact place. with remote board. This paint will dry after 24 hours, but it can take up to 2-3 days before you can clearly feel the change of Remote.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Step 6: Use a cotton swab to gently clean the motherboard of the Remote, be careful to avoid damaging this important component.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

Step 7: After you have completed the above operations, you need to reinstall the Remote most accurately.

Recipes help you can fix Remote TV at home

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So with just a few simple steps as above, you can overcome the slight damage of the Remote TV already. However, if the condition is too severe and the above methods do not help you to overcome, you should bring to the warranty and repair center for the best support. Good luck!

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