Review movie Bloodride- Anthology of Norwegian horror stories

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Duration: 6 episodes; 30 minutes / episode

Directed by: Kjetil Indregard, Atle Knudsen

Actors: Stig R. Amdam, Anna Bache-Wiig, Ellen Bendu 

Country: Norway

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Crime

Premiere: March 2020

Review movie Bloodride- Anthology of Norwegian horror stories

Norwegian cinema is still quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese moviegoers, right? On the occasion of responding to the " stay home " movement , WebTech360 is also determined to experience a film of this Nordic country to see if there is anything interesting or not? Choosing back and forth, I finally chose the movie Bloodride - Norwegian horror story collection (not Bloodshot ) to enjoy. Come on, let's join WebTech360 this horror work right away and always.


Plot: Bloodride tells the story of a bus ride with strange transitions . Each episode is a story about guests with only about 30 minutes in length. Through these stories, human nature will be exposed to viewers and bring us many different levels of emotions.


The beauty of Bloodrive is that it is quite an interesting turnaround at the end of each episode, making viewers extremely surprised, sometimes even having to gasp because they did not expect things to happen like that. Although there are only 6 episodes and the duration of each episode is relatively short, the appeal of such plot twists of the Norwegian Horror Story Collection makes this series really worth watching and not boring for the audience. .

What interests you the most when watching a horror work is the question of whether the movie is scary? In fact, Bloodride is more like a psychological movie than a horror movie because mainly in 6 episodes, we see the evil nature of humanity and this makes viewers feel horrified, but it does not count. threat, jump scare nothing. However, there are still 2 episodes with the appearance of the element of devil, god and many segments in the episodes of Bloodride is relatively gore.

As mentioned above, each episode will revolve around a topic from which each of us will learn our own lessons. It can be greed, delusion, mother-in-law relationship, mistrust, gullibility, and curiosity. Bloodride has exploited these from the most negative and honest angle so that we ourselves will show who is right and who is wrong and contemplate wondering if we were in that situation, would we have Do the same?

Review movie Bloodride- Anthology of Norwegian horror stories


However, Bloodride still has a few weaknesses related to the content of each episode. WebTech360 thinks that many of you watching some episodes will look like I expect more horror and more scary things, not just that simple and light. In addition, the film has not really clearly explained the cause and outcome of the problem raised as well as there is no link between the episodes, so the interesting and unexpected is not very high. WebTech360 marks this part 7/10 .

Image - sound: WebTech360 really likes the color of Bloodride 's filmbecause even though it is a horror film, the color is quite bright, flattering and easy to follow. The beautiful scenery of Norway is portrayed authentically through the film, making the audience love the country even more. As for the VFX part, the Norwegian Horror Story Collection does quite well, especially the bloody scenes are quite honest. The sound of the movie is nothing special and just stops at the level suitable for the movie content. In this section, I scored a little higher, 7.5 / 10 .

Acting: Each episode of Bloodride has a main character and revolves around that character many other supporting characters. In fact, the actors have a relatively good incarnation, natural expression and make viewers imagine the content of the story despite the relatively short duration of each episode. The interesting thing is that we do not know whether the main character of each story is good or bad and it is really difficult to judge and judge the characters of this movie. WebTech360gives 7/10 for the film's acting.

Review movie Bloodride- Anthology of Norwegian horror stories

Assessment scale:

IMDB: 6.3 / 10 (919 reviews)

Filmfaffinity: 5.2 / 10

In short , Bloodride - Norwegian horror story collection is a series of movies that are quite worth watching, helping viewers to realize the evil personalities hidden deep within each of us and completely exploded in reality. With a small number of episodes and a relatively short duration of each episode, Bloodride is absolutely worth it for you to spend a session during the current booming Covid-19 season.


And you, how do you rate this movie?



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