Review movie Escape from Pretoria

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Duration: 106 minutes

Directed by: Francis Annan

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Ian Hart, Daniel Webber 

Country: USA

Genre: Drama, Action, History

Premiere: March 27 , 2020

Review movie Escape from Pretoria


If there was no Covid-19 epidemic , this film based on a real 1979 event in South Africa has already been shown in theaters in Vietnam in March 2020, friends. Indeed this is a very worth watching movie with elaborate prison escape with an impossible plan. Come on, let's review the escape mission - Escape from Pretoria to see how good the movie is!

Plot: Based on the true story of the miraculous escape from the Pretoria security prison( South Africa ) by two political activists Tim Jerkins (Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) , the film reenactment true and breathtaking extraordinary and dramatic escape plan. Thanks to their meticulous observation, intelligence, and ingenuity, they have found a way through the steel gates and bring freedom to themselves!


Review a bit of historical information so that you can better understand the movie scene. In the period before 1990 in South Africa , apartheid apartheid (History subject called A pac, you guys) caused many blacks to be murdered and living miserable lives. The leader Nelson Mandela stood up to fight for them and eventually the African country escaped this cruel regime in the 1990s. Tim Jerkins and Stephen Lee were the fighters. mode against apartheid and support for the President of South Africa 's first elected by the method of universal suffrage.

Back to the story of Africa defection , if this story does not happen in real life, perhaps WebTech360 unbelievable facts and happenings in the film. From young men who dare to stand up for innocent people to an unfair prison sentence of more than 12 years, they have devised an extremely audacious plan that others can never think of.

The escape mission gives the viewer a great drama and suspense. Viewers must hold their breath to watch each and every action and action of the characters in this elaborate escape plan. Both the prisoner's prison searches and their escape tests stress viewers and keep their eyes fixed on the screen.


Review movie Escape from Pretoria

The feeling when the characters get past the last door to go out, joyfully welcome the freedom while the ferocious prison guard, who has not yet known what happened, gives viewers a feeling happy feelings are hard to describe, guys Freedom is something any of us have longed for, and Defection Service helps us to appreciate what we have.

Compared to other jailbreak movies, the escape mission is not too complicated or requires many participants, instead the main characters' plans seem quite simple but the way to do it is very elaborate. meticulous and no less intelligent. Although the guard of the Pretoria prison gate seems a bit neglected and the guard of the day prison seems a bit lax, the fact that they can escape is truly extraordinary and brings a more authentic feeling to people. view compared to movies of the same genre. Well, the movie era did not have a camera, but now, our " Harry Potter " can escape from prison.

The film conveys many messages about racism, friendship, comradeship as well as the desire for freedom of political prisoners. Above all, the Mission advises us to dare to act, not only let our desires be words and forever just ideas. Although watching the English version , I cannot understand 100% of the film's content, but WebTech360 feels very fond of the plot and editing, so I grade this section 8/10 .

Review movie Escape from Pretoria

Image - sound: The color of the Mission is yellow, creating a nostalgic feeling of the 70s. The image of the notorious Pretoria prison isalso reproduced very authentically with dense wings. sturdy steel doors. The film uses many close-up angles, especially focusing on the character's eyes, making viewers also feel scared, not inferior to a horror movie.

Along with the ingenuity in filming, the sound of the Mission also brought many heart attack moments for the audience. In addition, the film also has a number of soundtracks bearing the sound of the times of South Africa , thereby making the film more diverse and colorful. WebTech360 marks this part 8/10 too .

Acting: Although escaping from prison with 2 other comrades, it seems that Daniel Radcliffe has taken over the spotlight of the film when he has recreated the feelings and thoughts of Tim Jerkins extremely. It seems that regular communication with witnesses living on set has helped Daniel understand more about the character and gave viewers the image of an extraordinary political prisoner. The remaining characters of the movie also performed very well, creating a highlight in the audience. WebTech360 marks the acting section 8/10 .

Review movie Escape from Pretoria

Daniel Radcliffed and Tim Jerkins on the set of the Escape Mission

Assessment scale:

IMDB: 6.6 / 10 (3,932 ratings)

Metascore: 56/100

Rotten Tomatoes: 71/100 (Fresh Tomato)

In short , Africa defection - Escape from Pretoria is a film on the subject escaped extremely worth watching. With its fast film rhythm, engaging and genuine storytelling, the movie will really make you feel extreme stress when you join the main characters in searching for freedom. Hopefully the Covid -19 pandemicquickly fills up so that we can enjoy this cinematic work in theaters.

And you, how do you rate this movie?




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