Review Spencers Justice movie - B class cop

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Duration: 111 minutes

Directed by: Peter Berg

Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin 

Country: USA

Genre: Humor, Action, Crime

Premiere: March 6 , 2020

Review Spencer's Justice movie - B class cop

Spencer's Justice (Original title: Spencer Confidential ) is a new single released in early March 2020 on Netflix and is in the top 10 of this online movie platform. During the Covid-19 epidemic season , WebTech360 loves to watch critically acclaimed movies on Netflix , but for this movie, WebTech360 thinks it's not good enough to spend time watching. Come on, let's go to WebTech360 in detail for the movie to see why I rate that.


Plot: Becausehis bosssuspects his boss is covering up a crime, policeman Spencer goes to the house and assaulted his boss. As a result, he spent 5 years in prison while his boss was praised by the community. On the first day he was released from prison, Spencer 's former bosswas killed and he was again suspected by the police. Although retired, but Spencer 's mindstill does not stop thinking about the case above. Who is the real culprit and what is the conspiracy behind it?


Spencer's Justice movie opening seems quite intriguing and intriguing with lots of conspiracy and suspicion. However, the more later, the film's content becomes lighter and more predictable, leading to the end of the film more illogical and less interesting. Overall the film is a combination of the familiar Hollywood comedy, action and police movies .

In fact, if Justice of Spencers focuses on exploiting the plot, avoiding the ridiculous and ineffective details, the movie will probably only need 45-50 minutes. Therefore, the movie's content is very simple but disguised and created extremely complicated and dangerous. The humor of the movie is too old and difficult to bring cheerful laughter to viewers.

The protagonist and villain of the movie are also muscular, not too excellent. If Spencer works on emotion, not excellent (even 3/4 time of the film, we see him being fed onions to his mouth), the bad guy role of the film is quite predictable with dangerous appearance. Initially, but extremely corny in the future. Surely many of you will be fed up with how to handle situations in the climax of the movie to see.

Review Spencer's Justice movie - B class cop


Spencer's justice critiqued the corruption of a police department in the city of Boston and upholds human dignity. WebTech360 only likes movies in one point that is the film that builds the image of the characters inspired by Batman, Robin, Alfred and Catwoman (I'm a fan of DC ). There's even an opening in the ending for the sequels to come out. If you keep making this color movie, it's fine to stop at this one episode, director. WebTech360 scores 6/10 for this section.

Picture - Sound: The picture and sound of the movie are not too special, corresponding to the B-grade content of the film. The action, kick, and gunfight of the film are just normal, not as satisfying as other movies. The soundtrack is relatively diverse, but the film circuit is too monotonous, so it does not work and inspire viewers. WebTech360 marks this part 6/10 too .

Acting: The star of the movie played by actor Mark Wahlberg is relatively good, although his expression is quite poor and one color. Other roles are just round role, not really bring emotions or make the audience love. So the actors are all under the U40 level, so they lack the attraction for the viewers. WebTech360 marks the acting part 6/10 too .

Review Spencer's Justice movie - B class cop

Assessment scale:

IMDB: 6.2 / 10 (26,726 reviews)

Metascore: 49/100

Rotten Tomatoes: 41/100 ( Rotten Tomatoes )

In short , Spencer's Justice is just a B-class police film with a very good opening but the later it reveals more weaknesses and weaknesses of the writer. The visual, sound and acting part of the movie are just average and not enough to bring relaxing and entertaining moments for you. The feeling of watching the movie is just dangling, not already and not high, so please consider watching the movie.


And you, how do you rate this movie?



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