The 10 most dangerous weapons in CS: GO

Those who play Counter Strike shooters surely know the weapons make a huge decision to the outcome of the match. In CS: GO, too, the use of powerful guns will help you feel more confident when facing opponents. Either on the anti-terrorist side or the gaming terrorist side, there should be a weapon strong enough to defeat the opposition.

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In the arsenal of CS: GO, there will be guns that completely outperform the rest. However, when you have them, you need to know how to use that power to defeat your opponent. The guns below we synthesize are evaluated as the 10 most dangerous weapons in CS: GO , all of which can be applied in survival mode or also referred to as Battle Royale. of the CS: GO game.

1. TEC-9

TEC-9 gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The high ammunition and rate of fire made the TEC-9 a true monster. Not only that, the TEC-9 is extremely powerful, compact, fast reload speed has helped this gun have quite strong damage and become one of the most dangerous guns in CS: GO when destroying opponents. However, the TEC-9 also has the disadvantage of high recoil, so it is important to consider its ability to master it before using.

2. Galil

Dangerous guns in CS: GO shooter

Galil gun is one of the guns that is quite cheap and easy to use, but with the accuracy, low recoil, firing speed is also good, so it is still a very dangerous gun in CS: GO. Galil is a gun used by many gamers and very proficient, it really works when you are looking for an assault rifle, it can be said that Galil is worth every penny.

3. SMG-45

List of 10 dangerous guns in CS: GO

The SMG gun is quite popular in PUBG, but it is a very limited gun, so it is often not used by CS: GO gamers. The SMG - 45 gun is the only gun on the list of dangerous weapons in CS: GO, the SMG - 45 gun has a high level of damage, a fast rate of fire, a low cost of furniture and is quite smooth, at the same level. The recoil is also small so you will quickly tame it. However, do not forget that this gun has quite a few bullets and low load speed, so it needs to adjust the exact firing time to take effect.

4. Negev

Negev gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Negev gun will not be easy for new users. Ie you have to get used to it quite a long time because this is a gun with high recoil and low level of accuracy. However, the Negev gun has a good self-firing mode, it almost reduces the above limitations, even the recoil is no longer. This gun is suitable for close range to defeat opponents.

5. Nova

Nova gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Nova is a great choice when playing CS: GO at close range. Each Nova shot will fire up to 9 bullets and reduces damage by 30% for every 500 units of the distance. Overall Nova is a shotgun that is a great choice for CS: GO.

6. SG553

SG553 gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The SG553 gun is the most expensive rifle for terrorists in the CS: GO game. Especially, SG553 will be strengthened if equipped with a viewfinder to become a champion of the world. By using this weapon at the end of the game you will definitely win by allowing 100% armor penetration.

7. Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle gun in CS: GO

The Desert Eagle has a very high level of accuracy, even the newbie easily makes an amazing headshot on the opponent. Desert Eagle is the most successful pistol in CS: GO but what it brings is really difficult for you to ignore it. But note that this aperture has very strong recoil.

8. M4A4

M4A4 gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It can be said that M4A4 is the most versatile gun in the CS: GO shooter. This gun is good in all combat situations unless the opponent is too close. However, it is because of that versatility that it is all at an average level, not really outstanding in any particular situation.

9. AWP

AWP gun in CS: GO

AWP is the sniper gun with the highest damage in the game and is often prioritized for team members. Accuracy, damage, turbidity and 1 bullet will take 1 life. However, you almost have no chance if you miss because the sound it emits is very loud. Above all AWP guns are guns you should tame as quickly as possible when playing CS: GO.

10. AK-47

AK-47 gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The AK-47 is probably too familiar with the shooting game community. AK-47 is loved for its flexibility, strong, in CS: GO the AK-47 gun still has a high level of damage in all areas with the same speed of quick load, so if you save the recoil mode, you will achieve very high efficiency.

Above we have introduced to you 10 guns are rated, most dangerous in CS: GO. Hopefully with this article, you will quickly select your favorite gun to get the desired power.