The secret to playing the best Clash of Clans game

If you are a lover of strategy games, have been passionate about the Empire game, you definitely cannot ignore Clash of Clans - a new strategy game, with sharp graphics, new gameplay and lots of interesting things. The taste, surprise is waiting for you to discover. This is also the favorite game and made the most impressive in recent times.

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Although it is considered to be a fairly easy game to play and does not require too many special skills from gamers, but to be able to play well, and win the opponent, the player should know some of the following tips:

The secret to playing Clash of Clans

Here are a few tips and tricks that has compiled, hope they will be useful and you can become skilled CoCers.

1. Do not rush in the home renovation process

The main house in the game Clash of Clans

Still know Town Hall (the main house) is the most important, but you should not upgrade it too soon, instead, divide it into categories:

  • Weapons: Protection and defense.
  • Barracks.
  • Upgrading Town Hall has just upgraded the container to store resources.
  • Upgrade both the war soldiers and the soldiers at home.
  • In particular, it is important to keep in mind, never build all the buildings in one place and then build walls, because when attacked, it will be very dangerous.

Moreover, there is a characteristic that only the experienced CoCer can recognize, that is: While going to war, if your home level is higher than the opponent's, NEVER occupy 100% of the battle. booty . This is something that the writer objectively is quite good and fair. This "law" applies as follows:

  • Your Town Hall is 1 level higher than your opponent : If you win, get 90% of the spoils.
  • Your Town Hall is 2 levels higher than your opponent : If you win, get 50% of the booty.
  • Your Town Hall is 3 levels higher than your opponent : If you win, get 25% of the booty.
  • Your Town Hall is 4 levels higher than your opponent : If you win, get 5% of the booty.

Therefore, do not rush to upgrade your main house !!!

How to upgrade the troops in the game Clash of Clans.

2. Saving diamonds Gems


As we all know, in the game Clash of Clans, the most valuable and important resource is diamonds - Gems. Because it not only promotes faster gameplay, but also allows us to buy more Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gold. Moreover, in the course of the task, we will encounter times counting down (build, upgrade ...) and often many people are impatient and have used Gems to end the waiting time. this. This is absolutely not recommended.


Should buy more masons. Because the countdown time only applies to an item, and the purchase of more builders, the speed of construction will increase significantly and can be used for later works.

How to earn the best Gems.

3. Should buy and use all kinds of cheap military

Types of troops in the game Clash of Clans

An inherent habit of many gamers, that they always default to strength, strong means to win, strong is champion, this is really a very wrong thought, especially with the game genre. techniques such as CoC. Can take specific examples:

  • Giants are stronger than Barbarians. But the cost to use a Giant is also much more expensive than the Barbarians.
  • Or a Wizards naturally stronger than an Archer: But the cost is expensive and the time it takes to build Wizards is much longer than the Archers (1 Wizards takes about 8 minutes, while less than 2 minutes is available. can give up to 4 Archers).

In the game Clash of Clans, there are many types of troops, each with different features, roles and costs. With players choosing the main criterion is saving, fast and consolidating good forces, you should consider to choose for themselves which team is the most reasonable and best.

Information about types of troops in Clash of Clan

4. Do not use magic when not really needed

Use magic when playing the game Clash of Clans

Magic is a special attack method in the game Clash of Clans. There are many types of magic, each with different effects. But like troops, magic is not cheap! Therefore, to be able to use magic to the maximum effect, players should learn a little knowledge about them.

Learn 3 new spells in Clash of Clans


  • Should carefully study and understand the effects, how to use each of these spells to be able to take advantage and create dark effects when going to war.
  • Make sure that each time you use a magic, the amount and resources collected, at least equal to the amount spent to buy that magic.
  • After each use, any magic takes time to recover and use the next time, so consider using them properly.

5. Make good use of the protected time period

3-day protection shield for new Clash of Clans players

New players will be shielded for three days. During this time, no one can attack you. Therefore, this is also an extremely good opportunity for you to steal resources from the enemy's warehouses and villages to your home. Why?

  • Because you are protected.
  • Your main house has not been upgraded yet, so if the opponent comes to take revenge, or be robbed again, then according to "the law" will not lose the booty completely.

However, it is also necessary to enlist now to consolidate the army, ready to fight when needed.

Guide to play Clash Of CLans for beginners

6. Reasonable defense layout

Defense system in the game Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans there are many defensive structures for players to use. Take advantage of their capabilities and advantages to the maximum extent to bring the best effect.

For example:

Clan Castle is the best defense system in the game. With the ability to cover the wide area and automatic defense, players should put this system in the middle, the central area of ​​the main house to be able to give maximum protection for their Town Hall.

How to put defensive guns in the game Clash Of Clans.

7. Prepare well before joining Clan Wars

Prepare well before joining Clan Wars

Before Clan Wars takes place, players will have a day to prepare. Take advantage of this time to compose troops, upgrade your buildings and soldiers well before the battle takes place. Survey feature can be used to understand the situation of troop disposition, walls, types of troops used by the opponent to plan countermeasures.

Experience fighting War in Clash of Clans effectively

The above article has given you some tips as well as tips to be able to play Clash of Clans game better. The way of playing depends on each person, with their own tactics and style, but these are the points that every player must know and remember to become a talented CoCer.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!