Tips for making simple refrigerator deodorant at home

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The refrigerator contains a lot of fresh and raw foods, causing unpleasant odors for users. Sometimes you will experience refrigerator cleaning but the smell persists. This article will give you tips on how to makea simple but extremely effective refrigerator deodorantat home.

Prepare ingredients for deodorizing tablets:

The ingredients for making refrigerator deodorants are quite simple, you can find them at a supermarket or market.

- Essential oils with fragrance depending on your taste (orange, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, etc.).

2/3 cup clean water.

- 2 cups baking soda.

- Plastic mold made of silicon.

- Food coloring (if you like).

Tips for making simple refrigerator deodorant at home

The ingredients for making deodorant tablets are quite simple.

How to make refrigerator deodorant tablets:

Step 1: You add about 5 to 10 drops of essential oil (depending on whether you want the smell to be strong or light) in 2/3 cup of water. At this step, if you want to add a nice colored deodorant then add about 1-2 drops of food coloring in the solution.

Step 2: Pour the solution of essential oils and water into 2 cups of bakinh soda powder. Mix the mixture well until it is as smooth as glue.

Step 3: You use a spoon to scoop the powder into the mold, note that spread the dough evenly on the mold surface and compress the dough tightly.

Step 4: Wait about 24-48 hours for the dough to dry, then separate the dough from the mold. If you separate the dough too soon, the deodorizer will break when it doesn't dry. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjust the waiting time for dry powder properly.

Tips for making simple refrigerator deodorant at home

How to make refrigerator deodorant tablets.

After the deodorant tablet is finished, you put about 2 tablets in the refrigerator to absorb odors, and the deodorant tablets will create a fragrant fragrance for your refrigerator space. Each deodorizer can be used for about 1 month. Deodorant tablets can not only deodorize the refrigerator, but you can also use deodorant for closets, shoe racks, sinks, etc.

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