Top 5 best chess game of dignity today

Game of dignity flag is a "new" game of gamers today. So what games are there on the market? What is the hottest "flag" flag game ? We will explore that in the following article. 

Speaking of chess games, perhaps people will only understand and think of the types of chess games , Chinese chess online ... But only in the past 1 year, the concept of "dignity chess" has begun to appear. and more and more. So, what is the game of dignity flag? How to play? What is the good game about dignity ???

Top game of dignity flag most played
Top game of dignity flag most played

What is the game of dignity?

Dignity game (Auto Chess game or Battle Royale game) can be understood in another way as a combination of strategy and card game genre. Players will not directly control the character like the usual role-playing games, but they will buy generals, arrange the squad and based on the mutual support and mutualism between the generals, giving tactics to each opponent. prime, in every battle.

The battle of dignity flag is also quite special, it takes place fixed on a chessboard, each piece will be in one box. It is possible to play with many different modes, but each player will have a certain score ahead and victory will only be for the last to stand.

How to play the game of dignity chess


  • Each player of the original dignity flag will have a certain number of points, this score will depend on the number of players.
  • Up to 10 people can play in a match and the maximum number of points is also 100 points.
  • Players will battle each other in turn, the winner is the last to score.
How to play the game of dignity chess
How to play the game of dignity chess

How to play:

  • Players will use Gold to buy combat generals. The number of generals in these games is quite large, diverse, belonging to many systems, classes and has many different abilities. Therefore, the price is also different.
  • Before the start of the new game, a list of 5-6 champions will be shown for players to choose to buy.
  • If desired, you can use Gold to refresh this list of champions and find other champions.
  • After each game, the player will be added a certain amount, this amount will be based on the win - lose, your winning streak.
  • Players about 15 seconds to prepare for buying generals, arrange the team before fighting. Each game will only have a certain number of champions used (increasing and corresponding to the player's level). You cannot use more than the permitted number, and, once the game has started, will not be able to interfere with any adjustments.
  • Money can be used to increase the level faster, but it is advisable to consider raising the level to use more heroes with increasing the level for the existing hero to a higher level.
  • Players will battle each other until there is only one player left and the points will win.


  • Depending on the game mode, the player's reward will be different.
  • Each play result will get a certain number of Battle points (like BP points in PUBG Mobile game ).
  • Players will level up, receive gifts based on their play results.
Dignity games all have a large and diverse number of characters
Dignity games all have a large and diverse number of characters

Why does the game of dignity attract players so much?

This game attracts players for many different reasons, but if you put together and evaluate, the first thing to talk about, is the combination of many different game genres. Players will feel like they are playing strategy, action games, combined with intellectual games and a bit more of the familiar turn-base genre.

In addition, the flag games dignity on the market today often have the following common characteristics:

  • Dignity chess games The number of generals varies
  • The number of items is plentiful
  • Can combine basic items into more advanced items
  • Can level up General to increase strength
  • The system of generals is divided into several classes, families, and races
  • Each general of the different generations, tribes, classes will have their own abilities
  • The system, clan, character class of the game of dignity chess can combine with each other and when reaching a certain level, will be able to support, recover, and interact with one or more of the remaining systems.
  • If there are 3 similar generals (both in star level), you can combine them into a higher star level hero to be stronger.

Everything in this game is completely random, old or new players, just need to know the rules, the rules of the game can compete with each other. Each champion selection and the appearance of the generals do not follow any rules that create a surprising, attractive and make the game more balanced.

Teamfight Tactics: The Truth Arena - One of the best Auto Chess modes today
Teamfight Tactics: The Truth Arena - One of the best Auto Chess modes today

Best game of dignity today

Game of dignity seems to be winning the hearts of gamers recently. It can be clearly seen when a series of big game companies have launched this game genre in about 1 year.

And although these games are not really different, each product launched immediately made players eager to try and find out. Below will be some of the most dignified games currently played. 

1. Auto Chess Mobile

Dignity game Auto Chess Mobile
Dignity game Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile game can be considered as a "variant" of the Dota Auto Chess pioneer, but only for mobile devices. In fact, Dota Auto Chess is hard to call a standalone game, because it is originally a mode of League of Legends , but Auto Chess Mobile is not, it can be downloaded, installed and played in a way. Just like any other mobile game.

This is a strategy game created by Drodo. The task of the player is to buy the generals available in the stall when the new game is about to take place. Can change, combine and arrange the generals to form a squad of up to 8 people. You can keep fixed or flexible change squads, generals in the team depending on the opponent. 

Each match of Auto Chess Mobile can last quite a long time. This is also a game with a graphics platform that is quite appreciated and is the most played battle royale game today.

2. Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords dignity flag game
Dota Underlords dignity flag game

Released by Valve Corporation, Dota Underlords has a build based on another mode called Dota Auto Chess, released in January 2019.

Players will also battle on a "chess board" sized 8x8, when the battle time starts, the characters on the chessboard will automatically attack each other. The game has many different game modes, including solo mode 1vs1. 

The Dota Underlords game was released in Early Access on June 20, 2019 for Android, iOS, macOS, PC and Linux. So far, the company is still working to release the official game by the end of 2019.

3. Magic Chess: Bang Bang

Magic Chess: Bang Bang for Android 

Dignity game Magic Chess: Bang Bang
Dignity game Magic Chess: Bang Bang

Magic Chess: Bang Bang is also a form of chess game with dignity, but instead of fighting action, this game is built with outstanding magic play. Game produced by Kaka Games Inc. 

Basically, Magic Chess: Bang Bang is no different from its "brothers". Players will also buy champions, place them at a position on the chessboard, and then fight other players. Can level up, combine generals and equip them to increase strength. 

There are a maximum of 8 champions allowed to appear on the chessboard and the last player to score will win. The game does not have a system of calculating the strategy over time, but the strategy and luck of the player. 

4. Chess Rush

Dignity chess game Chess Rush
Dignity chess game Chess Rush

Chess Rush is an extremely attractive strategy mobile game Auto Chess for mobile devices. This is also a real-time strategy game with an interval of about 10 minutes each game. 

The key to winning the game is still luck and flexible tactics. Players will compete with 7 other players, choose their team from a list of more than 50 excellent generals and arrange them on the chessboard of the game. Chess Rush is also a product developed and distributed by Tencent globally.

5. Auto Chess Legends

Auto Chess Legends for Android Auto Chess Legends for iOS

Dignity game Auto Chess Legends
Dignity game Auto Chess Legends

Another game product from Imba - Auto Chess Legends can be considered as the "youngest brother" in the "auto chess" family of games up to this point. Each match of the game will have a maximum of only 15 minutes, so the speed of the game is usually quite fast although it carries real-time combat mechanism.

Retaining the basic elements of the battle royale series, while using the character design of the classic League of Legends and League mobile games, Auto Chess Legends gives players a game product that is both familiar and familiar. Strange fascinating.