TOP application turns photos into paintings for free on Android, iPhone, Web

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App turns photos into paintings will help your photos become more impressive in the eyes of friends. Here are Top free photo editing applications with this function on Android, iPhone and Web.

Prisma (Android, iOS) - The best art filter

Prisma application turns photos into paintings

You've probably seen this app on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Prisma initiated the craze for art-style filters because it is so easy to use and does a number of things that no other similar app has.

With Prisma, when selecting photos and filters, they will be applied immediately (it only takes about 10-20 seconds) and allows you to preview the final result. You can then move the slider left or right to adjust the filtering level, from 0 to 100%. Prisma also provides other common editing options such as exposure, contrast, saturation adjustment ...

Download : Prisma for Android | iOS (free)

Dreamscope (Web) - No waiting, high resolution photos

Dreamscope transforms photos into paintings

You don't need a smartphone to turn pictures into paintings. If you want to know how Pablo Picasso turns photos into watercolors, give Dreamscope a try. This website uses the same DeepStyle creator and some other unique filter types.

In particular, Dreamscope does not compress your photos. You can upload high quality images with the received quality unchanged. You can also browse the library of other users' recent Dreamscope files to explore the creative possibilities of this photo editing app.

DeepArt (Web) - Create custom styles

DeepArt turns pictures into paintings

DeepArt is the web of choice for turning any picture you see online into a filter. The results are truly unexpected, even if you don't use famous works. You can download Instagram photos and turn it into a filter of your own on DeepArt. How to use DeepArt is very simple. You only need to register an account, upload photos, select a newly created filter and see how the application combines the two. The final work is at 500x500 pixels

NeuralStyle.Art (Web) - The most powerful artistic filter App

NeuralStyle.Art turns photos into paintings quickly

If you are an expert or designer who needs more control over effects than DeepStyle, you should try NeuralStyle.Art. This web application is the most powerful picture-turning tool in this list.

The free version has the same limitations as other apps, such as exporting only in SD resolution, only supports 3 photos per day ... When upgrading NeuralStyle.Art to the Pro version, you can apply filters for videos, remove blurry logos, and get stronger filtering levels, even batch processing photos.

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