Top page to download music for free, without copyright for YouTube videos

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Do not post copyrighted music on YouTube as it will be downgraded immediately. Instead, download free music from the following music sharing sites

YouTube is the largest site to share and monetize videos. You can make millions of dollars every year from it, but it can be no money if you do not know how to create videos properly. One of the factors that makes your videos go down on YouTube is music. If you use someone else's copyright music, they can report and ask YouTube to remove the clip immediately.

It is best to compose your own music. If that is too difficult, use non-copyrighted songs and audio. The free music download sites below are an ideal choice to insert into YouTube if you don't mind adding source links in the description.

Thematic (Web): Free music from mainstream artists

Download music from Thematic

Thematic is a service that most YouTube creators should take advantage of to find free songs from many different artists and musicians. To access it, you need to become a member of the Thematic but do not need to provide a credit card when registering.

After successful registration, you will have a full playlist on Thematic, including music from some indie singers, famous musicians such as Oilivia Lan, Kingdm. Yes, you can use Olivia Lane song without fear of being downgraded by VEVO.

Of course, the Thematic also has some rules. Thematic members must follow a special attribute link and use a style of posting music on YouTube and Instagram. Thematic only allows users to use music for videos displayed on these two platforms. But, as long as you follow the requirements, you'll get a good, professional song store for videos.

WOWA (Web): The music community

WOWA is a vast music community

WOWA has only about 20 multi-style music tracks on the website. You can download them all for free. However, this page is completely different from other music websites because the songs are licensed Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

What is Creative Commons Zero (CC0)? License CC0 allows you to use any work for free, personal or commercial, modify it to suit the needs of use without authorization. That is, you can do everything you want with the music on WOWA. You do not need to add the URL to it in the YouTube description or attach it to the information.

New tracks are added to WOWA only once for a limited time. If you want to know what new material is available next time, sign up for newsletter notifications.

Icons8 Fugue (Web): Browse songs by theme, genre and mood

Icons8 Fugue

Icons8 is a famous source of photo galleries and icons. They also now offer a rich selection of royalty-free music and audio. You can download them to the drive as high quality mp3 files or pay to unlock the WAV format.

The music collection is divided into 3 categories: topic, genre, mood. Each section has subcategories to further refine the selection and help you quickly find the desired content. You can listen to the entire song before downloading it, get information such as runtime, display ...

Of course, Icons8 Fugue also has a search feature. However, you can use the rich number of tags on the page to browse and find the content you need.

TeknoAXE (Web): A musician, 1,500 free songs


For nine years now, musicians and YouTuber TeknoAXE have released many new songs & music, and allow people to use it for free. Most of them are electronic dance music, rock, metal, however, there are also many thematic works.

License CC 4.0 means that you need to have the original link and take note of any changes. In return, you will have a collection of nearly 1,500 songs in different genres, even emotional categories such as comedy, horror ... Some music may make you think you've heard it before. That's because TeknoAXE web music has been used throughout YouTube.

To keep up to date with his latest hits, you can follow TeknoAXE's YouTube channel. He always uploads new music every week. This is a great way to find new audio for video before it becomes popular.

CCHound (Web): Sound store selected by musicians


The Internet is filled with songs that are protected by Creative Commons and copyright free, but not every song is good. That's why a number of professional composers have put together their favorite selections and included them in CCHound .

This collection is no longer being updated regularly, but the existing content is enough to provide a great way to find non-copyrighted music than searching through Jamendo, SoundCloud . You can browse music by tag, genre ... Each track is marked to indicate whether you have the right to use it or not.

If you find nothing on CCHound, you can consult its sources. Creative Commons' collection of free music sites will help you find the best fit for your personal taste.

Finding the right music and using it legally will ensure your video can last long on YouTube. Above are the music download sites for free, without copyright, so you choose to be the background music for the YouTube posting clip. Hope they are useful to you. If there is a better option, don't hesitate to share with us.

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