Top tool to create digital signatures in the best PDF file

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How to insert a signature into a PDF document? Print, sign, scan? It's troublesome and time consuming right? Fortunately, you can create signatures in contracts or applications in PDF format ... with the software below.

1. PDF Buddy

This tool allows you to sign or edit 3 PDF files for free each month. It is a smart solution if sometimes you have to work on PDF documents. It is also a browser-based tool so it can be run on either Mac, PC or Chromebook.

Look for the orange Choose PDF to Edit button on the right. Click on it and select the PDF file on your computer.

When PDF appears on the screen, you will see a menu option on the left. Select the Signature button . (You must register for an account if you haven't already).

Insert signature into PDF document

Then, click an option in the popup box. You can choose an image file on your computer or manually write a signature for the PDF. Signatures used in PDF Buddy will appear below that selection box.

PDF Buddy supports signing of PDF

If you decide to draw a signature, this tool will open a window like the one above. Use the mouse cursor to write the name. After selecting the digital signature, click Use to move and place it where necessary on the document.

When done, click Save changes , then Download the signed PDF.

Download the signed PDF document

PDF Buddy is easy to use, does not require downloading software. However, this is not an ideal choice if you want to sign PDF documents on a mobile device.

Download PDF Buddy  (Free)

2. HelloSign

HelloSign provides bank-level security to sign PDF documents. It works in the cloud, providing a safe space for data processing and file storage.

HelloSign is user friendly, integrating applications such as Google Docs, Dropbox, OneNote. HelloSign allows you to sign PDF directly on mobile devices and web browsers.

After logging in, go to the menu on the left. Find Sign Documents , choose who has the right to sign documents. If the document is yours, select Just Me .

Select JustMe and only you can sign documents on HelloSign

Then, click the icon like the bottom of the down arrow. Select Create a Signature .

Create a simple PDF signature

Click one of the options in the window that appears, then click Select at the bottom right.

Change the PDF signature font

Next, upload the PDF file to be signed. When the download is complete, you will see the option Fill Out & Sign . Click on that button.

Click the button to fill in the signature to PDF

When the document opens, click the Signature button in the upper left corner. Select the desired signature, then click Insert . You can drag the signature throughout the document to place it where needed.

After editing the PDF file, click Continue at the top right to save the file to your HelloSign account.

Save signature PDF document

If using software on mobile devices, select the PDF file you want to open with the HelloSign application. Then find the signing option at the bottom of the screen.

Whether signing documents on a computer or mobile device, the reminder is simple. It's easy to find signed documents by logging into your HelloSign account.

Download HelloSign for iOS | Android (Free up to 3 documents / month, Premium is 13 USD / month).

3. eSign feature of Smallpdf

Smallpdf offers many PDF editing tools, including eSign. When you see the purple window on the screen, drag the PDF to it or click Choose File . Note, the options on the right integrate with both Dropbox and Google Drive.

eSign PDF

Smallpdf provides 256-bit SSL encryption during file transfer. In addition, the software will automatically delete the entire file from Smallpdf servers after an hour.

After selecting PDF, Smallpdf will prompt you to create a signature. Use your mouse or trackpad to draw it in the field provided. Don't worry, if the hand signature is hard to see, Smallpdf automatically polishes the signature a bit to make it more uniform and smoother.

Click Save when you are satisfied with the signature.

Save the signature on eSign

You will then be directed to the uploaded PDF document. The available signatures appear in a window on your screen. Select the desired signature, click on it, and then press the Place Signature button . You can change the size, position signature if desired.

Select the desired signature to insert into the PDF document

Drag the signature to the desired area on the document. When it appears exactly the way you want it, click Apply in the lower right corner.

You can then download the signed PDF!

Download the signed PDF document

Like PDF Buddy, this tool has both web versions and really simple functions. You will have a PDF document containing individual signatures in one end. However, SmallPDF does not have a mobile version. You can only use it on the computer.

Download Small PDF eSign (Free)

4. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Not just a PDF signing tool, this Adobe product is also for PDF users. It allows to create, edit, change the page order, even set password to protect PDF users upload.

To sign a PDF document, visit Fill & Sign .

Sign PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a paid software, priced at $ 14.99 / month. You have a trial week. Before beginning the trial period, you must provide billing information. You will not be charged until the trial period ends. You can use this program on computers, Macs and mobile devices.

To sign a PDF document, go to Forms & Signature > Fill & Sign > In the small toolbar that opens, select Sign .

Select Sign to sign the PDF document

You can import a photo or write a signature, then save it. After clicking Sign , that signature will appear on the screen. Move the signature across the document to locate the desired position.

Table Fill & Sign in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe's Fill & Sign feature works fast and simple. However, if you only need to sign PDF documents, this is not a wise choice.

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (14.99 USD / month)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS | Android (Free for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC users)

5. JotNot Signature

JotNot Signature is an iOS application that supports PDF signing. It also allows you to create basic annotations.

JotNot Signature

The outstanding advantage of JotNot Signature is that it allows users to protect each file with a password. You can also lock the application to restrict user access.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the user can use the saved or created signature. This application supports sharing signed documents via email or uploading them to iCloud.

JotNot Signature is the ideal choice if you sometimes want to process more PDF files, not merely insert digital signatures.

Download JotNot Signature for iOS (4.99 USD)

6. SignNow

SignNow has a web version and a mobile app. To sign a document, click or tap the signature box on the PDF. A popup window will then appear. It allows you to type, draw signatures or upload related photos. Select the desired method by clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the window.


All signatures on SignNow are legally valid. If you type a signature, select the font of your choice. When drawing a signature, use your mouse or finger.

Make sure the Make This My Signature box is checked before clicking the Add button . The name of the tool options varies slightly on mobile devices, but they are still quite easy to understand.

SignNow is reasonably priced for individual users. However, it is not necessarily the ideal choice for those who need to sign PDF documents occasionally. Its highlight is easy to use and multi-platform support: computers and mobile.

Download SignNow for iOS | Android (USD 5 / month)

Above is the best application to insert a signature into a PDF document. Hope they help you find the right choice for you. If you know of any other apps, don't hesitate to share them with us.

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