Transfer data from computer to phone with SHAREIt

Users often use a USB cable to connect the computer to peripherals, most often still the phone. Or use the Bluetooth feature to connect the computer to the phone to share data. But for some reason these two connection methods have problems.

Now you should use the file transfer software between your computer and phone, SHAREIt is a good candidate for you in this situation, this software will help you quickly transfer data between devices. For example, from a phone to a computer and vice versa. Below will show you how to transfer files from your computer to your phone.

SHAREIt for Windows

Instructions to transfer data from a computer to phone with SHAREIt

Step 1: First start up SHAREIt on the computer, select Show QR code.


A QR code will be displayed shortly, this QR code you will use the phone camera to scan. Remember that both devices must be connected to the same wifi network.


Step 2: Download the SHAREIt application suitable for your operating system, then boot up and click Receive. Next, click on the QR code scanning icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

SHAREIt for Android


Then put the camera frame in the QR code into the QR code, when the computer name appears, the phone is connected to the computer.


Step 3: Go back to the SHAREIT interface on the computer, now drag the files and folders to share into the main interface of SHAREIt.


The file transfer window will appear on the right, which will show a list of files moved to which device, at what time.


On SHAREIt, if you see the data transferred to 100%, the file has been successfully transferred. If you transfer photos from your computer to your phone, the photos will be transferred to the album automatically.


Through the guide to transferring files from your computer to your phone on this article, transferring files between devices is no longer a problem for you. If you want to do the opposite, please refer to the article How to transfer data from your phone to a computer without a cable connected to SHAREIt.