Use IDM to download on DriverEasy Driver

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DriverEasy Driver detection application and allows you to download the missing drivers on the computer to update it. There is another way that is used to load IDM Driver on DriverEasy

Additionally, you can download Driver Booster, DriverPack Solution, 3DP Chip - are looking for software support, automatic download and install the missing drivers for your computer in which 3DP Chip supports very good job download and install drivers for your computer

Guide to download Driver on DriverEasy IDM


Your computer needs to have 2 programs and DriverEasy IDM. 

IDM You should download the latest version to support better links catcher, download IDM
Using the latest DriverEasy Driver update better: download DriverEasy

Step 1 : Integrate IDM into DriverEasy

Open up the IDM program, on the interface in Options

Use IDM to download on DriverEasy Driver

- In the window that appears, choose to tab General and click Add Browser ...

Use IDM to download on DriverEasy Driver

- Click OK in the next window

- In the next window choose the path to the executable file of DriverEasy C: \ Program Files \ Easeware \ DriverEasy \ DriverEasy.exe . Finally click Open

Use IDM to download on DriverEasy Driver

Step 2 : Restart the computer

Step 3 : Run the program DriverEasy up, the software will automatically scan your computer, display the Driver missing or need to upgrade to the new version. You click on the Download side need to download PC Driver.

Use IDM to download on DriverEasy Driver

- Downloading window appears, click Cacel .

- Back interface DriverEasy click in the next Driver Download to download. Then the interface appears IDM allows you to download Driver by IDM. Click Start Download to download the computer.

Above, we have instructions on how to download DriverEasy Driver with IDM, with this approach you can download the missing drivers for the fastest computer. Besides using DriverEasy for updates, search for your computer Driver may consult and use the DP Chip download , download Driver Booster or download DriverMax also very effective.