Wait for Pokémon GO to come and play these games temporarily !!

The most anticipated game of 2016 - Pokémon GO has just implemented a "no-door" ban on non-IP countries from the officially released game. This is quite sad news for all gamers around the world as well as in Vietnam. However, in a recent move, Nintendo has confirmed, "Vietnam will have the official Pokémon GO version in a few days."

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Not sure how real damage? However, this information has certainly contributed to making Vietnamese gamers more excited and less self-pity. To motivate you and also to help you wait for the information to come true, Download.com.vn will give you some more good Pokémon games to try.

Definitely not as good as Pokémon GO and not as widely known as the Pikachu game that stormed office computers as before. But these are also quite good, outstanding and worth playing games while waiting for Pokémon GO to return to Vietnam.

1. Pokemon: Crystal Tower

As we have mentioned, these are the real games entertaining. With Pokemon: Crystal Tower, players will use the mouse and mouse to select more pieces of the same color together, folded into a tower column. The taller this tower is, the more points we will score.

  • How to play:
  • Hover on a piece of any puzzle, then hover over the pieces of the same color to form a tower.
  • When the tower is high enough, left click to detonate and score. The taller the tower, the more points.
  • Within a certain time, the player must complete the challenge ("eat" all the pieces).
  • Do not touch other colors, otherwise you will lose points and at the same time appear more pieces.

Download game Pokemon - Crystal Tower here

2. Pokemon Battle Revolution PC Game

If you've ever seen Pokemon animation and dreamed of becoming a trainer like Satoshi in the movie, Pokemon Battle Revolution is where you are satisfied with your passion and make your dreams come true. This is a game made entirely in the style of the Pokemon cartoon. The game revolves around the main content, players will play the boy Satoshi, seek, recruit and train his Pokémon, then let them compete with each other.

The content is not new, the gameplay is nothing new, but this makes Pokemon Battle Revolution popular among players, especially the crazy fans of Pokemon. And if you have also been crazy about these extremely cute monsters, try Pokemon Battle Revolution today.

Download free Pokemon Battle Revolution for PC

3. Pocket House

Pocket House is a game that combines the style of card games and role-playing games extremely attractive. Highly appreciated for its beautiful graphics, lively sound and rich and unexpected gameplay, Pocket House will surely make you temporarily forget the "Pokémon GO" shock.

The Pokemon system in the game is divided into systems: fire, lightning, ice, plants, soil, darkness and air. Each system, each species has different power. The task of the player is:

  • Collect as many Pokemon as possible.
  • Train and upgrade them.
  • Adjust their position and order during the battle to surprise and win competitions.

In addition, with the game screen such as: Tournament, Endless Abyss, Magnificent Match, Arena, the battle of aliens and the final battles with the boss Super Dream and Phoenix will also make players can not ignore.

Download the Pocket House game for Android here

4. Pikachu Adventure

If your childhood was associated with 4-button games, with Super Mario mushrooms , you might be surprised to know that the most famous Pokemon character - Pikachu, has been on an adventure like that. . From graphics, gameplay, to sound, Pikachu Adventure is nothing outstanding, if not even disadvantageous.

However, the purpose and feeling of the player is to be close to his favorite character, not a blockbuster game. Therefore, Pikachu Adventure, although simple to monotonous, still captures the hearts of the players and is ranked quite high among the current Pokemon games.

How to play:

  • Pikachu Adventure playing style is completely similar to Mario. The player controls Pikachu moving, jumping and launching lightning to destroy enemies and cross cards.
  • No installation is needed so we can be assured of device safety.

Download free Pikachu Adventure game

Above is a summary of some Pokemon games for those who are "down" because Pokémon GO temporarily can not come to Vietnam. Hope these games will help "refresh" you guys this summer.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!