Zalo for PC - Download and installation guide Zalo for PC, Windows, Computer

Using Android apps to run on a computer simulator will help you can run most Android applications on your computer, your laptop, for Zalo also, please watch the following instructions of 9mobi. VN to be able to install and use Zalo on your computer, your laptop.

Following Zalo version running on your computer, laptop, download here : Zalo for Windows , Guide install and use on a computer Zalo

Guidelines on computer use by BlueStacks Zalo

Obviously, you absolutely can do it with software called BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC or laptop. Readers can download and install BlueStacks latest reference here and using BlueStacks here Step 1 : Start BlueStacks will look. Select the icon shown in the photo to search for apps on the Google Play Store. Note that you must have an account Gmail to sign into Google Play Store . If Gmail can not see how to create Gmail this

Step 2 : Enter Zalo and press Seacrch Play for Zalo to search applications. Note: Using BlueStacks you should turn off Unikey nhé

Step 3 : After the search is Zalo You choose the install to proceed with the installation Zalo computer.

There will be first introduced to the conversation about Zalo for Android and the terms used up you select ACCEPT to begin the download and install Zalo

Step 4 : To find and use normal Zalo as on other mobile devices you select the plus icon in the All Apps to display all of your applications that will have both just finished loading Zalo

Click Zalo and uses

It's simple is not it. You do not miss the message or calls on the Zalo when using a PC, laptop anymore. Please download BlueStacks and Zalo for Android now all of you

Some common errors when using BlueStacks

1. Error 2028 installed on the Zalo

I saw many you got this error message, however k everyone was, and he had found a way to overcome. When in 2028 this error you overcome by: Sign Zalo on your phone and then change your password, if no password is generated password is ok too (or get someone else's phone has installed Zalo, then log Register your phone number, you will receive the activation code, you use the activation code that logged in the computer as is (Thanks for your suggestion Nguyen Minh Hai and you Luong Quoc Nhat suggested) .

2. Fix "25000" when installing BlueStacks

This error also met many people, I have tutorial fix this, you read all instructions fix "25000" when installing BlueStacks to know for details