General keyboard shortcuts in Empire - AOE

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Game AOE (Age of Empires) is a strategy game in real time is a lot of favorite players, though born a long time ago but it is no less fascinating.

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Game AOE (Age of Empires) is a strategy game in real time is a lot of favorite players, though born a long time ago but it is no less fascinating. Anyone gaming AOE understands the importance of shortcuts in the Empire, it helps shorten time to be able to manipulate to life soon .

>>>  Download Age of Empires here. 

Game Empire has many shortcuts support, should synthesizes Empire shortcuts in detail so that you reference and effectively applied. Invite you to consult the following article:

Menu keys:

  • F1: See instructions.
  • F3: Pause game play.
  • F4: Show name players, military and color charts.
  • F5: Hidden existing resources.
  • F10: In the Main Menu.
  • F11: Displays the number of military troops is on the maximum at the present time.

Shortcuts in AOE to building military:

1. Life started:  Stone Age - The Stone

People selected press B, then press the letters representing each house:

  • BE: Housing the military and (4 people for 1 home).
  • BS: The wood, gold, stone, deer hunting, the elephant.
  • BG: The real pick fruit.
  • BB: The military - This is the condition for life 2.
  • BT: Watchtower.

Conditions for Life 2:

  • There are 500 real.
  • Built home BS, BB, BG.

2. Life 2:  Tool Age - period instruments

  • BM: The market is very important to upgrade the resource extraction.
  • BF: Fields to make real (75 wood) and only once has a BM.
  • BA: Providers include: Supply ceiling supply A and supply C, horse supply, elephant palace.
  • BL: The horse consists of: Horse meat revelation, cutting horse, mallet horse, elephant gored.

Conditions for Life 3:

  • There 800.
  • Have built houses or BL BM and BA.

3. Life 3:  Bronze Age - The Bronze Age

  • BN: Main Building, also known as the center, where many farmers will be quicker tongue.
  • BC: The government is a condition for building more housing BN.
  • BK: The fireworks include: Dwarf Fortress (crossbow), fireworks to (catapult).
  • BY: The oblique stripes.
  • BP: The witch is the condition required to upgrade if hit Choson army, the BB.

Conditions for Life 4:

  • There should be 1000.
  • 800 gold.
  • Built home BS, BB, BG, BM, BA or BL. 

4. Life 4:  Iron Age - The Iron Age

To build an army many times: After selecting people, press B , select the shortcut you want to build such housing. Then hold Ctrl -click, depending on the existing wood and aim to build so that reasonable.

When applying military to apply at all, the press has set Ctrl + letters represent each house.

Shortcuts to please military:

  • Spacebar:  View and select the unit.
  • Ctrl + H (or H): Choices and see the main house.
  • Ctrl + B: Selection and see the army of (BB).
  • Ctrl + D: Selection and see the boat (BD).
  • Ctrl + A: Select and watch the horse bow R, supply A (BA).
  • Ctrl + K: Choices and watch the fireworks (BK).
  • Ctrl + L: Selecting and watching the cutting horse, horse ram (BL).
  • Ctrl + P : Select and watch the witch (BP).
  • Ctrl + Y: Selecting and watching a soldier oblique (BY).
  • Key "+": Increases the speed game.
  • Key "-": Decrease speed gaming.
  • Delete: Delete the military unit or home.
  • Esc: Cancel selection.
  • Enter: Instant messaging.
  • Arrow Keys: Scroll to see the game.
  • Reveal map:  map light.
  • Ctrl + from (1-9): Mark of the army.
  • From (1-9) + Space (ALT + 1-9): Select and move to a religion was founded.
  • Shift + from (1-9): Select religion was founded.
  • Tab: Move one unit each of the selected direction.

Use the shortcut on efficiency will help save time and move quickly to the location you want to select. With new players will find it hard to remember, but you will remember long play fully and quickly manipulate.

I wish you happy gaming!


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