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Home LeexSpeed ​​2010, Previously you must install individual tools to perform functions such as system cleanup, delete data, optimizing Internet ... but now, with LeexSpeed ​​2010 you will have in hand more 50 utilities to choose the functionality tweak Windows

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  • Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/XP SP3/Vista 64-bit
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LeexSpeed ​​2010 Home

Previously, you must install individual tools to perform functions such as system cleanup, delete data, optimizing Internet ... but now, with LeexSpeed ​​2010 you will have in hand more than 50 utilities to option to tweak Windows functions, improve system performance ...

After installation is complete, you activate the program up. In the main interface you'll see these groups are arranged scientifically, convenient for the user to select the functions they need, as follows: 1. Card System Category Main Introduction includes 4 tools: Disk Defragmentation : Defragment your hard disk defragmentation, you can select individual drives or select all partitions required are implemented. Registry Cleanup & Defrag : Remove the key (Registry keys) of the software after removing leftover Registry entries and defragmenting your Registry to accelerate access to the applications. Disk Cleanup : Clean up temporary files, junk files left by applications ... allows you to specify files to cleanup. Startup Manager : Manage applications start with Windows, you can delete, add or disable any temporary program. Section Computer Cleanup includes 3 engines . Memory and CPU Optimization: defragment memory and CPU optimized. UnFolder : Delete any folders "stubborn" but Windows can not be removed. Duplicate Found : Search and delete duplicate files on the hard drive partition . Section Optimization consists of 2 engines. Internet Accelerator : Optimizing the parameters to speed up Internet access. Correction System Errors : Fixes system errors. Section Privacy and Security includes 4 tools. Antivirus : Detecting , prevent and destroy the virus attacks the system. Firewall : Set up a firewall to protect the system. Password Saved: Tool management and secure storage for your password. Update : Lets you update session The new version of the Antivirus and Firewall. Section Control System includes 3 tools. Programs : Lets you remove the system software as well as software that the Windows Add or Remove Programs can not remove. System Tweaker : Supplying Advanced setting for the system. Search Files: Search engine and directory files more efficiently by Windows Search. Category System Info & Tools includes 7 tools. Computer Manager : hard disk management tool and the equipment external connections. Windows Service Manager : To manage services running in the background at system. Compatibility with the new Windows : Helping older applications compatible with newer versions of Windows. Microsoft DirectX Diagnostics : Customizing DirectX. Auto Shutdown : Schedule a shutdown by day, hour ... Type Definition : View detailed information about any file formats. System Information : Provides an overview of the system hardware. 2. Tags Hardware and Device Category Main Introduction includes 3 engines. Search Driver : Seeking to update the latest drivers for the device. Search incompatibility : Search the app is not compatible with current operating systems. Test temperature : Engine temperature check system. Section Power Options include two tools. Power Manager : Engine power management consumption. Test Battery : Check the status of your laptop work. Section USB-Device consists of 3 tool. USB-Disk Manager : Management tool for USB, memory cards and external hard drive. USB-Disk Security : Lock and protect USB. Animate : Testing and debugging USB. Section Hard Disk consists of 3 Tools. Temparature Hard-device : Track temperature hard drive. Backup Data : Data backup backup hard drive. Virtual disc : Tool creates virtual hard drive. Section Video Cards includes 4 tools. Temparature Video-device Monitors temperature and check the video card. Search Video-drivers : Find and update the drivers for the video card. Auto Brightness : Auto white balance screen. Correcting Errors : Fixes bug related to card screen. Section soundcard similar to Video Cards section. 3. Internet Card Category Main Introduction includes 6 engines . Internet Accelerator : Optimize and speed up Internet access. Correcting Errors: Fix the errors arising when it can not access the Internet. Traffic Manager tool to monitor and manage traffic. Download manager : Engine speed downloads. Speed ​​Test : Check the actual line speed. IP Manager : Manage the IP address. Section Internet Manager includes 3 tools. Accelerator : Helps speed data transmission within the LAN. Internet Errors : Check compatibility bug Accelerator feature. Submitting Report : Report system errors. The items Network (intranet) and Wireless (wireless) analog for the Internet Manager . Also through the card Options allow Using scheduled updates to the program, theme options, customizable settings for the program ...

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