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Microvolts, microvolts is a new game genre TPS was launched recently. The game tells the story of a world where toys

  • Publisher:
  • Version:
  • License: Free
  • Size: 653 MB
  • Views: 1
  • Downloads: 31106
  • Date published:
  • Date update:
  • Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7
Microvolts Download


Microvolts is a new game genre TPS was launched recently. The game tells the story of a world where toys "live". However, many of them do not get along with each other and throughout the day war. Not only that, they also created their own weapons from the extremely simple materials in your room!

When the ball is hidden from the people, the bedroom, awnings, tables and chairs become the "battlefield" of the baby fig. Guns fired eight cardinal directions, many baby fig still "ball identification" but without violence, by contrast also brings laughter extremely refreshing for the players

Game well as other fps-TPS, with the basic mode as: pain (Free-for-all), fighting team (Team Deathmatch), Destruction (Elimination) or Capture the Flag (Capture the "Battery"). .. More specifically, the new game for the updates with the genre that really everyone knows: "Zombie Mode". It's just like CS or CF, one of the ill-fated figure will become zombie and bring tasks "transmission" to all remaining members. On the other hand, Figure with little ammunition must have a reasonable strategy, protect each other, finding ammunition and "publication of weapons" to fight the zombie army

Weapons of the figure in the game is also incredibly diverse, including 7 main categories: 1.Can War (Melee), 2.Sung semiautomatic, 3.Sung Hunt (Shotgun), 4.Sung trim (Rifle), submachine 5.Sung heavyweight (Micro Gun), 6.Bazooka and 7.Sung grenade (Grenade Launcher). Entering the game, the use of weapons in any case the choice is yours.

Additionally, you can also "refurbished" for his figure as an otaku so. Hair, clothes, shoes, gloves ... We have the ability to enhance your strength. The game currently has 4 characters and they have clothes, shoes, separate spoiled for choice.

Some pictures in the game microvolts