Management of children across devices iPhone / iPad - MobileKids for iOS 2.0

MobileKids for iOS, MobileKids control service is the most comprehensive in the world, for parents who want to control their children's phone.

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MobileKids for iOS - Manage Child facilities iPhone / iPad

MobileKids control service is the most comprehensive in the world, for parents who want to control their children's phone. With MobileKids for iOS, you can install the app on my phone and the phone mine. Phone applications on children sends a daily report, while your phone will receive a free report on the status of their phone usage. You can customize your phone by setting the appropriate limit, and you have access to safe services based on location and time 24/7. MobileKids really useful utilities to help you control your child's activity on the phone.

Applications include SOS custom alerts for your child. When setting up the application, you can define the network security system including friends and relatives as Guardians (Guardians) for your child. In an emergency, you can activate the warning by tapping three times on the big red SOS button, and all the Guardians will be notified by a text message on their current location. May call to a Guardian. Also, your child can send GPS information is not urgent to Guardians by clicking on the I'm Here or Follow Me in the application.

MobileKids for iOSMobileKids for iOSMobileKids for iOS

Free Features:

Report on the use of mobile

Online portals and weekly email with information about the use of human cell you: contact with whom, when, how long, the children are doing.

Safety Warning

Your child can activate SOS custom alerts to notify current location Guardians. All Guardians receive a text message and have a chosen Guardian will get the call.

I'm Here

Your child can click on the I'm Here to share your current location with Guardians via text message and a link to a map.

Follow Me

Click on the Follow Me to send text messages to selected Guardians. Message that includes a link to a map to track their movement until off Follow Me.

Advanced Features:


Access to the detailed report on the situation of use, contacts, applications, and time.

Service locations

Requires GPS locations created on demand or schedule.

Control contact

Prevent unwanted contact or establish contacts have been censored.

Controlling the use of

Set weekly usage limits for calls, text / MMS, data and WiFi.

Time control

Lock the device at a certain time, for example at night. This function can block calls and text messages / MMS, data, WiFi, games, ... Contact the predetermined (father and mother) has been activated.

Application Control

Prevent unwanted applications.

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