PocoMail 4.8 build 4400

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PocoMail 4.8 build 4400, you had received many letters daily and friends often get all sorts of unwelcome letters still arrive. Please introduce to you a new version of its best-Poco System is PocoMail 4 ultimately help you solve all the other sorrows.

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  • Requirements: Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
PocoMail 4.8 build 4400 Download

PocoMail 4.8 build 4400

You are receiving multiple daily mail friends and often get enough uninvited mails still come. Please introduce to you a new version of its best-Poco System is PocoMail 4 ultimately help you solve all the other sorrows. Contrary, the old version PocoMail work too slow, too fast now browse mail server, speed much faster if to compare with Pegasus mail 4. Point 4 is the best browser PocoMail mail headers on server letter to let you know immediately who sent mail to you, the size of each mail, with no attachments and allows you the option to stay on the server, received or deleted on the server must not download for lost time.

PocoMail Once installed, you must go directly to section Options to choose according to their own right like use Check mail at startup does not need to check every 5 minutes, mail virus scanning, archive folders where in PocoMail or place and far too many other more. But partial Network Settings , you should not select the button control (dial tự when needed), it will automatically dial the selected connect in PocoMail you can hardly get themselves off except to shutdown windows (if the modem of the type internal). Most importantly, the declaration of your account to receive and send your outgoing messages (much like Microsoft Outlook or declaration in Outlook Express) include smtp server (outgoing) and pop server (get on), email address Your (Email address). Your full name (not the account name jive).

The icons on the toolbar can check (with mail, download), send (outgoing), new is composing a new message, address (address), was also available on the toolbar options section, accounts, filter (filtering) , printer (print letter). ... server (for mail on server browser) at the right corner. Want to browse the mail on the server, you can use the two buttons at the same time turn off the Control + K or click on the button Server located on the toolbar. When in this part right, you have to press the button more Connect , then it new connections with mail servers (even if you're on the network, too). If you have more mail account, clicking on the left to choose the other account My account and connect. You'll run through your letter in the status bar under buzzing along very quickly after only a few seconds as you know immediately the private header on your network is and the size of each file and nothing more important not enclosed.

You have 3 options at their discretion, just press the right button on the message or multiple messages at once, select: - mark to get (to receive her letter about) - mark to leave (leave messages on the server does) - mark to delete (permanently delete messages that go). It's just a new bookmark you, you want to delete the messages really did, you have to press more buttons to Delete and buttons Process is new is the option to permanently delete messages on the server. Then you want to check in PocoMail mail, select the check mail: it fully download the message that you have chosen to retrieve. You can also via Microsoft Outlook or Outlok Express to download them instead of downloading PocoMail.

If you choose to check in PocoMail mail, you'll have to add the letter to save (to spend) is fine. There PocoMail only import (import) other available mail from Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape only, but what can not import messages from Microsoft Outlook (with html). You can also compose, reply to messages received within PocoMail to outgoing but remember it saved text like Outlook Express (no stars in Microsoft Outlook).

Scores more have to say own or PocoMail 4 where there is not if you download the letter of the PocoMail (import also), the letter noted above clearly address each person sends to your mail. Microsoft Outlook also lifted this point there are too many messages do not recognize the sender mail address, despite the publication that letter did not reply immediately finished. And Outlook Express you must click on the sender's name and select add new contacts to address him. PocoMail 4 very useful help in everyday tasks you browse mail, permanently delete unwanted messages, size too big and most important is to prevent the virus from the foreign mail (with attachment).

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