Create an account on the Microsoft Windows Phone

Microsoft on WinPhone account enables you to download games and applications on the Microsoft Store shop. In addition, this account also allows you to locate your device when there is wifi, 3g so that you can find your phone when left somewhere To create a Microsoft account on your device please WinPhone perform the following steps Step 1 : On the WinPhone your device turned on wifi or 3G connection. Turn on WiFi: In Settings> Wi-Fi> Blue Gạt switch to wifi networks and select Enable 3G: In Settings> Mobile Network mobile> Data connections> Select enable Step 2 : Click the icon on the desktop bags to the store

Step 3: In the app store you choose Top Free

Step 4 : Select any app on the store. For example, you select Facebook

Step 5 : Click Settings

Step 6: A dialog box pops up notifying you need a Microsoft account to use this feature. You choose Log

Step 7 : Click Create to create a new Microsoft account

Step 8: Enter the account name you want to create the item Accounts Microsoft. You just enter the name so different from those made ​​before your Microsoft account. Tail default this account is @ and you do not need to fill in again

Step 9: Enter the password 2 times for your account. Note that you must enter two times coincide. Follow up click Next

You should set a password of 8 characters or more instead of 6 characters in directions to increase security. Step 10 : Enter the alternate email address and date of birth information. Click next to continue

You can ignore alternative email address however if you fill out because it will help you restore accounts in case of Secured Note: Date of birth you should fill in the correct information. It is important that you must round at least 18 to use this account. If less than 18, you select so that reasonable Step 11 : Accounts Microsoft has the ability to sync photos, contacts, messages to SkyDrive you select Yes to synchronize data now

Step 12 : To complete the setup you choose Accept to agree to the terms of use store applications and games

So are the steps to create your account on the Microsoft Windows Phone devices is complete. Right now you can download apps and games for free on the store and store and sync personal data whenever a network connection

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

The ARKit Measure is the one that is currently the most noticeable in IOS 12. And so the ARKit measure will allow the user to measure the size of all objects, so that now only with the iOS device. You can know the height or length of an object easily without the need for other measuring instruments. But it should be noted that this software has just launched so it can not be 100% completely accurate and according to the test on many times it was found to have errors, but the rate is low.