Digital Coupon Ocean donate $ 40 free

Digital Ocean has released coupon for registering a new account, simply use the code below, you will get $ 40 into your account to use the VPS registration.


Code: ^PrConf40

Promo code is only for new accounts, have deposits via Paypal or add information whiff successful visa card. The steps to get $ 40 is as follows:

  1. Register a new account Digital Ocean (do not register multiple accounts banned lest batch)
  2. Access mail confirming your email address
  3. Add $ 5 via PayPal account or card information visa / master to verify the account in the Billing page
  4. Enter Promo Code code on the box, your account will be adding $ 40 immediately.

This Code Promo alone and introduce new get immediately lest he should not promptly test expires. The use and notify you the results via comment offline.

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

The ARKit Measure is the one that is currently the most noticeable in IOS 12. And so the ARKit measure will allow the user to measure the size of all objects, so that now only with the iOS device. You can know the height or length of an object easily without the need for other measuring instruments. But it should be noted that this software has just launched so it can not be 100% completely accurate and according to the test on many times it was found to have errors, but the rate is low.