Fix a memory shortage when upgrading to iOS 8 on iPhone 6 plus, 6, ip 5s, 5, 4s.


Many of us are also eager to upgrade our device to iOS 8, but when it comes to upgrading the memory shortage, we should take the following steps to fix it. this. The iOS 8 update requires at least 4.6 GB of free space.


iphone 8 iphone 6 plus, 6, ip 5s, 5, 4s

Option 1:

1. Please update to the latest version of iTunes for best support.

2 . Restart iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer through a USB connection.

3. Select your device click " Update "

4. Select " Download & Install " to start the update process.

iphone 8 iphone 6 plus, 6, ip 5s, 5, 4s


This is our intention to prevent the cache memory too large on our iOS device, causing an error message.

Method 2:

iphone 8 iphone 6 plus, 6, ip 5s, 5, 4s

first . We go to  Settings -> General -> Usage  and see which application is taking up most of the archives, the less you use the application, delete them. To view all the applications you click Show all Apps.

2 . Click on Delete App to complete the cleanup. IOS includes the Camera Rool and the most talked-about messenger on the device.

3. Backup your data by connecting your device to your computer and open  iTunes -> Sumary -> choose Back Up Now  or go to  Settings -> iCloud -> Backup -> Back Up Now.

4. If you have done all the steps above you still do not see the memory is improved then reboot by pressing the Home + Power button   at the same time.

Good luck!