Fixed iPhone Restore Error 37 within few steps

Fix iPhone Restore Error 37

The restoration and upgrading of the iPhone, the iPhone is the first downgrades very normal job for the iPhone users, and also many people suffer iPhone error, there is a lot more common errors that iPhone error 37 is also one of them. If you need, the article will show you how to solve the iPhone restore error 37 above are not too complex.

1, the reason causing 37 iPhone bugs

  • 37 iPhone bugs often due, failure of hardware, this would mainly reset, new hope renewed resolve if the hardware is damaged, only replace that water go rather difficult to edit.
  • When problems occur, iTunes will initially operate normally, to 1 point, fast or slow, iTunes will error due to a malfunction, often reported as unspecified error, but we rely on the error code to know and guess what was the reason why the process stopped.

IPhone Status and error 37 is due where to do

2, Resolve difficulty 37 iPhone bugs

The best advice for you is to restore, update iTunes on one computer with the other, if not feasible for it is you try executing the following way.

  • Check updates iTunes, whether compatible with the iPhone and the latest is no or sometimes errors iTunes lost data files, corrupted by viruses something should delete the entire software already installed the latest version.
  • Next, check the network connection to make sure the process is not something wrong.
  • Connectivity issues also need to pay attention, be sure your phone is always full of energy and new charging cable are not damaged.
  • You should remember that the signal transmission is interrupted it will end, but not run, so the slots should also be checked.
  • Turn off the antivirus software, computer protection during implementation, to limit the potential loss of data files, block data transmission.
  • Done it already, then you proceed to restore it again to fix the error.

Restore the iPhone in DFU mode to fix 37

  • First, the iPhone bugs, can still be opened, you enter, turn off iCloud Find my equipment going to hide part activation key.
  • Then, connect your phone to your computer, press and hold the power button until the device slip off completely.
  • Press and hold the power button and the home button for 10 seconds, then release the power button still hold the home button, the screen that iTunes currently receive phone notifications, on-screen and only 1 black iPhone is ok.
  • Open iTunes, go to the device, hold down Shift and choose Restore, the restore, all data will be lost, back when you have not saved, if you have sync or backup, the restore memory after just reactivated to retrieve the data before.
  • iTunes will confirm the restore and wait until the process is complete, note the causes of errors in the process of restoring your iPhone do not have, if not to bother anymore.
  • When the restore is then you will see the installation screen the first time, follow and you will have the first iPhone at the factory.

To resolve software errors is that, if your computer fails to reset or restore ghost again and try again offline.

Hopefully this information is useful, can help you solve the problem, to wish you success.