Guide downgrade WinPhone WinPhone 8.0 8.1 down the line Nokia

Readers can refer to the new features of the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 update to here NOTE: Before making you take a backup of data to your individual preparation before implementation : Nokia Lumia Machine, usb cable, Laptop or PC and Nokia Software Recovery Tool. You can download the Nokia Software Secovery Tool here

To downgrade the device you can proceed according to the following steps 1. Install Nokia Software Secovery Tool on your PC and start the program up

2. Plug the USB cable connecting the computer to the phone

When Nokia Software Tool Secovery got your phone will display information about camera model and firmware version You just click Install to download the software package (15 '). The rest of you are awaiting results alone



In case you already have firmware on your computer you can copy it to the following path (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Nokia \ Packages \ Producsts)

In his article using Nokia Lumia 520 and its name is Firmware RM-914

After you copy the boot and connect your phone to your computer and click on the installation as pending completion of the recovery process

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

How to use the ARKit Measure application on iOS 12 to measure size

The ARKit Measure is the one that is currently the most noticeable in IOS 12. And so the ARKit measure will allow the user to measure the size of all objects, so that now only with the iOS device. You can know the height or length of an object easily without the need for other measuring instruments. But it should be noted that this software has just launched so it can not be 100% completely accurate and according to the test on many times it was found to have errors, but the rate is low.