How to create iCloud account, iCloud subscription on iPhone

Steps  registered iCouldcreating iCloud account  on your iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 6, 5s, 5, 4s and iPad very simple, many people tend to be lazy in Set up your own iCloud account, so data will not be backed up online, typically your phone book, if you do not back up your contacts to icloud, when using a different iPhone, which does not. save on the sim, you will lose all contacts, phone numbers

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Register iCloud, create iCloud account to store pictures, videos, messages, contacts

It's always necessary to create an iCloud account for your device. 9mobi will guide you in detail how to  register iCloud, create iCloud account , create Apple ID on iPhone easily as well as equip yourself with a basic protection settings for your device. .



Option 1: Create an iCloud account on Safari

Step 1:  On the iPhone / iPad user interface, open Safari and access the iCloud account support site  HERE.

Step 2:  Here you enter full information according to the fields that Apple required to include

first name:  Your name
last name : Your last name.
Location:  The country you are living in.
date of birth:  dd / mm / yy (For example: October 11, 1988, enter 11/10/8888)  This will be the account Your Apple ID, just enter your email address here (9mobi recommend using Gmail email address to make it easier to create your iCloud account.) If you do not have a gmail account, you can take How to  create a Gmail account  was 9Mobi previous tutorial.)
password:  Create password for your iCloud account
confirm password:  Confirm the password just entered above (requires this password must match the password in the password)

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Note: Your  iCloud account password should be full of security elements such as numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters. Avoid simple passwords such as: Full name, date of birth, phone number, etc. (Example: 9Mobivn2017)

Follow the bottom three secret questions, choose your own questions and answer that question and keep in mind that these confidential questions will help you recover your password and post it. Import your iCloud account from a strange device.

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Finally, fill in the Capcha code and click  Continue  . 

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Step 3:  The system will confirm and will send you a 6-digit code into the email you just registered, access the email account to check as well as get the code. If you do not see the Apple email sent confirmation code, you can check in the  Spam  offline.

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Step 4:  Use the code you just entered enter the interface that Apple needs to verify and click  Next  .

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Your iCloud account interface appears, where you can optionally change passwords, check for used devices, update account information, and more.

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So, with a few simple steps above, iCloud application registration using the Safari browser on here is quite easy. Besides, we can also subscribe iCloud on the iPhone or iPad tablet ... by the following.

Option 2: Register your iCloud account on your phone.

Step 1:  From your phone's user interface, go to  Settings  >  iCloud  and select  Create a new Apple ID  as shown below.

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Creating an iCloud account is the same as creating or  registering an Apple ID,  and it's free.

Step 2:  Next, enter your  date of birth  and your full  name  . Click  Next,  as shown below.

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How to create an iCloud account right on iPhone iPad

Step 3:  Here, you will have 2 options to create iCloud account


-  Use your current email address:  Create your iCloud account using your existing email address like yahoo, gmail, hotmail ...

Get a free iCloud email address:  Create an account with one email iCloud by Apple offers free form @


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Here 9mobi option to create iCloud with the email address available and click on  Use your current email address . Enter your email address and password and click  Next  to go to the next step.

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Note:  For security reasons, your iCloud account password should be full of security elements such as numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters. Avoid simple passwords such as: Full name, date of birth, phone number, etc. (Example: 9Mobivn2017)

Step 4:  Next, you need to choose 3 confidential confidential questions and answer that answer. Click  Next  to proceed.

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Note:  These secret questions are important because they will help you recover your iCloud account password if you forgot your password. So you need to remember or save on the note.

Step 5:  Click  Agree  to accept the terms and conditions of Apple.

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Step 6:  Access the email account you just used to register iCloud, open the Apple mail sent and click on  Verify now  as shown below to activate your iCloud account just created.

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Step 7:  Enter the password you just registered and click  Continue

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Immediately you will receive a notification that your iCloud account has been activated successfully.

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And on your phone, that iCloud account is automatically signed in, and you can now set up iCloud rights and use this account to sign into the App Store to download applications to your device.

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1. Invalid email and password.

- The basic way to create your iCloud account is to have a valid email and meet Apple's requirements. A valid email request is being used and is genuine, and that email has never created an Apple ID and an email that does not belong to an Apple-owned domain. You can choose any email like gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail ... as long as it satisfies the conditions.

- The password for the iCloud account must follow the rules, the password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one digit, without consecutive characters, the password is not identical. account name, length of password must be at least 8 characters and not easy to guess password. (For example, 9Mobivn2017)

2. "Maximum number of accounts activated on this iPhone" error

- Cause:  Due to Apple's policy only allow each iPhone / iPad device to activate three different iCloud accounts, the previous iPhone users activated all three iCloud accounts and if you login will be affected. "Maximum number of accounts activated on this iPhone / iPad" error.

- How to fix:  To fix the error on you use the new account that failed to log on your device to another machine (the machine still has iCloud activation), then use that account again, Log in again and the error is complete.

3. "Device not eligible to create iCloud" error

- Cause: Your  iPhone / iPad device has run out of times to register for iCloud account creation.

- How to fix:

  • Exit iCloud  Setting> Genneral> Reset All Settings .
  • If that does not work, you must use another iPhone / iPad to create and activate that device and then sign in on your device.

4. "Unverified Account" Error

- Cause:  You have not authenticated your new iCloud account, so after signing up for iCloud, Apple will ask you to log into your registered mailbox to authenticate your account.

- How to fix:  Choose to forget the password to enter new mail to Apple to send the activation code for you. After receiving the activation mail you can log in normally.

5. This Apple ID account has been disabled for security reasons.

Cause:  You have entered the wrong password of your account too many times so Apple locked your account.

How to fix it:  Visit the iCloud password recovery link on the iCloud home page. You can also refer to the detailed tutorial on how to  recover your icloud password  to get your iCloud password back and continue using your iCloud account. 
Thus 9mobi presented above complete the entire subscribing iCloud, iCloud account created, create Apple ID on your iPhone. This article 9mobi uses iPhone 6 to conduct the procedure, with other devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 5s, 5s and iPads you can similar operation. Also, when using iCloud account, you should also regularly  check iCloud , monitor your icloud account to see if any problems occur. Good luck.