How to put a password on a flash drive without software

The most effective way to protect USB data is to set an access password. With this tip, you are the only person who can use the USB

Method 1: Use BitLocker

- Step 1: First, connect your mobile or USB hard drive to your Windows computer, then click the Start menu icon> Control Panel> BitLocker Drive Encryption.


BitLocker encrypts data


Enable BitLocker to encrypt data


- Step 2: By default, this feature will not be enabled, so users click the Turn on BitLocker link on the USB flash drive to encrypt the password.


- Step 3: Check the Use a password to unlock the drive to set a password for USB or mobile hard drive, click Next to move to the next step.


- Step 4: Click the Save Key Recovery option to store the security key on the computer.


- Step 5: Finally, users just need to select Start Encryption to start encoding, this process is fast or slow depending on the amount of data available on the drive.


Every time you connect your device to your computer, you need to enter a password to access the data inside the hard drive, USB.


Method 2: Create Secure Encrypted Partitions with Rohos Mini Drive


Rohos Mini Drive uses on-the-fly encryption with 256-bit AES encryption. Rohos Mini Drive will be installed directly on your USB flash drive, no encoder driver should be available on different systems. So all your data can be transferred to this encrypted partition and you can access it wherever you want.

Rohos Mini Drive


After creating the USB drive password and the encrypted partition on the USB drive, you can open it by clicking on the Rohos Mini.exe icon from the root directory.


After entering the password, the Rohos drive will be mounted and accessed via the computer so that you can access the data on the secure partition and transfer data between the computer and the secure partition.


To close the Rohos partition, right-click the Rohos icon in the system tray and select Disconnect.


software rohos mini drive


Download Rohos Mini Drive to your computer and install.

Option 3: Lock the USB flash drive with USB Flash Security software

USB Flash Security is a free software that allows you to set a password on USB and ask the user to enter it in case you want to use it.


Download the free USB Flash Security software at the link below:



USB Flash Security


After downloading, extract and activate the file UsbEnter_Setup.exe to proceed with the installation.


In the first use, a dialog box will appear. Check Do not Display again and click OK to skip this dialog.


USB Flash Security


On the main interface, the software will automatically list the available drive partitions on the system. Select the partition you want to set the password to protect and click Install to start the installation.


Note: Only select the partition of the USB or external hard drive software can run.


USB Flash Security software


A dialog box appears asking you to confirm whether you want to set a password on the USB. Click Ok to start.


All existing data on the USB will be erased during password setup. You should back up all the existing data from the USB to the hard disk to avoid loss.


download USB Flash Security software


The next dialog box asks for initialization of the password and confirmation. Hint is where you fill in the password prompt (in case you forget your password).


download USB Flash Security

Finally click OK to initialize.

The second confirmation request dialog appears to make sure you want to set a password and delete existing data on the USB. Press the OK button to confirm again. After the password installation is finished, click the OK button in the last dialog box.


download USB Flash Security


Now, the name of USB will be changed to USBENTER (you can change it to another name you want).


The next time you use USB on any computer (even without USB Security software installed, the contents of the USB stick contain only three files.) To use USB, activate the UsbEnter file. exe included in USB.


You can not delete these 3 files, otherwise there will be no files to activate and use USB. (This is still secure, even if USB is lost, others have deleted these files also can not get the data available)


The dialog box will allow you to enter the password protected. In the case of forgotten passwords, you can hover your mouse over the password field, and the hint will appear to help you remember the password you created.


đặt password USB Flash Security


After entering the correct password, you can copy, move, delete ... data on USB as usual.


When unplugging the USB and plugged it into another computer, the software requires password protection before use. If you do not enter a password, you can still use USB, but the USB has only 0.5MB of free space to use, and the data available on the USB you still can not see and access.


To remove the password protection feature and put the USB into a working state, connect the USB to the computer, activate the software. At the main interface above, select the USB drive partition, then select Operation from the software menu and select Uninstall.


set password for usb


A dialog box informs you that the Uninstall process will delete all existing data on the USB drive (this will help ensure that other users intentionally remove security features to access unauthorized data). Click OK to confirm. After the uninstallation process finishes, your USB will return to its original state.


You are only allowed to remove the password when the USB is still in the protected state (ie, no login password is required to use USB). If you enter a password to use USB, you must disconnect the USB connection to the system, then plug it back into the computer to proceed to remove the protection function.

Option 4: USB Flash Drive Lock with USB Safeguard

Like the Rohos Mini Drive, USB Safeguard is a portable application that runs directly from a USB drive and therefore does not require an Admin user on the computer. The utility uses AES 256-bit encryption technology, the free USB limited version is up to 2 GB in size.


To use USB Safeguard, after downloading the tool, proceed to copy usbsafeguard.exe file to your USB flash drive. Then run the usbsafeguard.exe file from the USB drive, and then enter a password to lock the USB drive. To unlock, run usbsafeguard.exe again, then enter the unlock password is complete.


This means that you can change your password every time you use USB Safeguard.

Lock USB Flash Drive with USB Safeguard

Download the latest USB Safeguard software and install it at the link below.

USB Safeguard

Option 5: Set the USB drive password with USB SERCURITY software

Step 1: Download and install the latest software. You can download the latest version of USB Sercurity.

Step 2: Plug the USB into the computer then install the USB Sercurity software.
Click on the Aceept you will see the following window appear

USB Sercurity


Step 3: The program will show the folder containing USB - Here is drive G: \ (Portable Drive). Click on it and then get Install to continue to install

USB data security with USB Sercurity

- The installation process is over. Click Finish.

USB data security with USB Sercurity

- The USB storage door automatically pops up. That will contain the USBSecurity.exe file

USB data security with USB Sercurity


Step 4: Set the password: Click the file USBSecurity.exe software interface for you to set the password.

Set password for usb drive

- Set the password for USB:
At 1 - Enter the password
At No. 2 - Re-enter the password No. 1

At number 3 - Password suggestions, enter the number or words that you most easily remember (this is the case in case you forget password No. 1)

Next, click Protect to set the USB password

set usb pass

- The process of setting a password protects the data.

set usb password


You open the USB will not see the previous file anymore, but only a single file named USBSecurity.exe

However, you can still see the parameters of USB like: name, storage ...

How to set a password for the usb drive

View Data in USB After setting the USB password

Step 1: Open USB, then click the USBSecurity.exe file

The USBSecurity program appears. In the Password box, enter the password you created earlier. Then click on Open in virtual drive

instructions to set usb password

Step 2: All data in the USB will appear normally.

Remove Password from USB

Open USB, and then click the USBSecurity.exe file. You enter the password then click Unprotect this drive

how to lock usb drive


By setting a USB password with USB Sercurity, you no longer fear the data is exposed in the USB and unauthorized access. In addition, you can refer to and use USB write blocker USB WriteProtector to prevent other users from copying your data.

Now, how are you putting your USB flash drive in? Please share your experiences for everyone to learn!

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