How to update notepad++

Notepad ++ How to install

Although Notepad ++ is not an overly complex software, but you still need to learn about it before embarking on writing code. The following article will provide full information on how to install, features of Notepad ++ main help you most effectively use what this gadget brings.

Notepad ++ you can download at this link and proceed to install as other common software.

Open the downloaded files, select the installation language, then click I agree.

Click Browse ... to select the location to save.

Click Next and Install.

Finally click on Finish to complete the installation process.

Using Notepad ++

Notepad ++ when booting the first time, you should customize the settings by clicking the Settings button from the top navigation bar, then select Preferences. While 3 items you should change immediately.

Default folder: This is the default storage folder that you used to save or open the file. To store and organize files in a scientific way is extremely important for a programmer.

Autocomplete (Auto - Completion): Some people find this feature very useful because it helps prevent typos, forgot to close parentheses ... You can enable or disable this feature on demand use.

The default language: Under New Document tab in the options, you'll see a selection of the default language. If you want to write code in one language only, you can choose the desired language used in this section.

In addition to 3 options mentioned above, you should consider personalizing Display Notepad ++ by selecting different themes in Style Configurator.

The default language setting

Notepad ++ shortcuts

Notepad ++ allows you to access most of the features by using the keyboard shortcut instead of the menu. The keyboard shortcut is displayed next to each item in the navigation list. You can view basic keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the Edit button / Auto - Completion / Function Parameters Hint (or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR)

Use shortcuts

For example:

Ctrl + Q: Notes on a code with highlight.

Ctrl + Space: Display a list of available features.


Manual features plugins

Plugins allow you to add new features to Notepad ++ is easy and fast. You click on Plugins, then select the Plugin Manager. A list of features is available now for you choose to install. Then the program will automatically restart to complete the process.

Or may consider using one of the two options below:

AutoSave settings. With this feature, you can set up automatic mode with time you want (default is automatically saved after 1 minute).

Scroll to find the first letter of the programming language you need. For example, if you are learning about Python, then scroll down the alphabetical P.

Use plugins

Search and replace functions

Like other quality editor, Notepad ++ offers a range of functions to search for anything in your code, it is particularly useful in modifying large numbers.

Find: In the search box Find, you can search for a word and perform corrective action or replaced immediately. You can count the number of occurrences of a word, mark the position of the word ... In addition, the Find Next and Find previous allows you highlight a word and then use keyboard shortcuts to skip it if longer at the following times.

Replace: allows users to replace a word with another word in the text.

Incremental Search: Ignore the appearance of one from any future with the arrow keys if the word was repeated.

Using Macros

The golden rule of programming is not repeating an action too many times, however Macros are an exception to this rule. It allows programmers can set up to automate tasks repeated.

If you have code that is used more than once, you should create a function that you can call to run the code it yourself. This not only saves time but also makes your code less bulky and easier to read. You can use them to literally "repeating itself" by recording the process of implementing each task once, and then run again to repeat such action whenever and where you want. Once you record a Macros you can save it and even assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Above is the basic information on how to use Notepad ++ for new users editing utility supports many programming languages ​​this. If you are looking for a tool to support writing code easy to use and many useful features Notepad ++ is really worth the experience.

Wish you successful!

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