Remove google account from computer - Guide

1. Log off your Google Account on a computer:

Step 1:

On Google Chrome browser, sign in to Google account and proceed to synchronize the data, we will click on the 3 dots icon and select Install.

Click on settings

Step 2:

In the Sign In Settings section, we click on Disconnect your Google Account ...

Disconnect Google Account

Appears the Google Account Logout dialog. Here, if a user wants to delete all history, bookmarks, settings, and data stored on their computer, check the box below. Finally click on Log Out.

Exit your Google Account on a computer

2. How to sign out of Google on Android:

Step 1:

First, we will click on the Google Chrome icon on the device interface. In the main interface. Click the 3 dots icon and select Settings.

Click the Google Chrome browser Click on the 3 dots icon Install Chrome on Android

Step 2:

In this new interface, we will click on the account login icon on Google. Go to the new interface, scroll down below to see the Sign out of Chrome. When you click on that option, a popup notification appears on your Google account on your device, tapping Sign out to exit the Google account on Android.

Google Account on Android Sign out of your Chrome account Exit Google Account on Android

3. Exit Google Account on iPhone, iPad:

Step 1:

We also access Google Chrome on the device. At the main interface, click on the 3 dots icon and select Settings.

Touch the 3 dots on Chrome Install on Chrome iPhone


Step 2:

Next, the user also touches the account icon signing in on the device. Go to the new interface, look below and click on Sign out of Chrome. Appear out of Chrome? Here you'll get a notification about the data when you sign out of your account, click Sign out.

Chrome account on iPhone Sign out of your Chrome account Exit your Google account on iPhone

4. How to sign out of your Google Account remotely:

In case you sign in to your Google Account on your Android or iPhone device, but you no longer have the device you want to sign out of, then how? The solution is to remotely sign out of your Google Account.

Step 1:

First, the user needs to sign in to the account that wants Google to leave the remote and access the link below:

Step 2:

In the new interface, navigate to Sign-in & Security and then click on Device activity & notifications.

Sign in to your Google Account

Step 3:

In the new interface, you scroll down under Recent used devices to see the list of devices that are logged into this Google account. Click Review Devices.

Google Account Access Device List

Step 4:

You'll see a detailed list of when and where your Google Account was signed in. Here, click on the remote device you want to remove Google Account.

Choose a Google Account escape device

Step 5:

Next, click on the Remove button to delete the Google account on that device.

Exit your Google Account on your device

Appears small dialog Remove access, click Remove below to log off Google account from the device.

Remove Google Account

After that, you will receive an Access removed message at the device.

Google account access deleted

Here's how to instruct you to exit the Google Account on your devices and remotely exit the Google Account. When you exit your Chrome browser on your computer, your bookmarks or history will be cleared. So save your bookmarks before signing out. Also, it's a good idea to leave your account as soon as you're not using it, to avoid having your data stolen, even if you have remote account exits.