Tage for iOS installation guide and use the features

Tage for iOS - managing smart multitasking for iOS devices

You already own an iOS device has been jailbroken and looking for a tweak to manage multitasking. So download immediately for iOS Tage manage smart multitasking for iOS devices and offline experience.

1, Tage is what?

- Tweak tweak Tage is a help for users to experience a smart multitasking greatest and more.

- Tage help manage these tasks, the application is active, the presence of all the components on the device jailbreak. Tage go towards simplicity everything on multitasking.

- How it works on Tage were being cared publisher quite carefully. Above all this tweak installed smart features like swipe upward to exit the app, swipe left to right to move the iPad application is similar.

- Besides tweak Tage also integrates many utilities for users to use.

- This tweak is supported free download on Cydia source.

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2, Function of Tage

As a management tweak smart multitasking so Tage has many functions can be listed as:

- Close or Activate App Switcher: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close open applications or multitasking (Slide onto a long stretch to shut off the app and app runs in the background).
Switch Apps: Slide from left to right or vice versa to Application Change

Tage for iOS installation guide and use the features

Swipe left and right to quickly change applications

- Quick Switcher: Swipe up from the corner to the left or right to change Rapid Application
Device Lock: Can install gestures like double-tap to lock out 2 times.
Switcher Page Action:
slip down from the main screen to optional Power Off, Restart, Safe Mode, Respring, lock.

Tage for iOS installation guide and use the features

Intelligent features on tweak Tage

Slip from applications down to select Exit the App, App runs underground drainage, drainage and other app.
- No icon icon added to the home screen, customize the settings.

- To activate this feature you need access to the installation directory> Tage> Action and start setting up the features you want.

3, tweak settings Tage

- Have you done Add Source> Find tweak> Settings as follows:

- Step 1: Go to Cydia select Sources> Edit> Add and enter the source repo.namapple.com and wait system to Cydia sources

Tage for iOS installation guide and use the features

Add source download for free to download to your computer and tweak search

- Step 2: In the newly added resources you perform search click and tweak Tage by name initials or access to its group.

- Step 3: Click Settings> Confirm to download the tweak. Wait until the screen appears Restart SpringBoard line is completed.

Tage for iOS installation guide and use the features

Restart SpringBoard is completed

- After the installation is complete you simply access the installation directory> Tage to set custom smart multitasking discretion features like on that is.

- Note to not lose bar Control Center, you can choose to either swipe left side of the Screen Area (Close App or Activate Switcher). If you choose Entire Edge in Screen Area bar is not visible Control Center, which can be inconvenient to use.

Wish you successful.