TinyBar is and how to use TinyBar on iPhone

Miniature Banner inform Tiny Bar loss notification bar on the specific iPhone TinyBar What is this?

You are using an iOS device must know the presence of the Banner. So you've never felt uncomfortable and cumbersome when your iOS occupied display area appear not as Banner. You can solve the annoying, miniature informed Banner What is TinyBar on iOS devices.

TinyBar is and how to use TinyBar on iPhone

Miniature Banner with TinyBar tweak on iOS devices

1 Benefits of using TinyBar

- With TinyBar you can eliminate large notice huge banner with a tiny notification bar, just as large a Status Bar.

- Tweak TinyBar quite useful for heavy gamers are required to concentrate during games.

- The banner iOS notification often appear unnecessary and occupies a large portion of the screen area. Tweak TinyBar to fix that by limiting the banner with the area in the status bar of iOS devices. 

- Currently on iOS devices 8 was added quickly answered the function of banners informing users can reply to the message by pulling it down. 

- With TinyBar users perceive its usefulness when using just your iOS devices jailbreak conducted.

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2, How to install iOS TinyBar

- First, you need to pay attention, to set TinyBar, you need to download the free resources on cydia. So you can refer to our source.

- Access to Cydia> Sources> Edit> Add and add the source repo.namapple.com

- Then do a search just tweak TinyBar in additional resources.

TinyBar is and how to use TinyBar on iPhone

Select Settings> Confirm to tweak the machine load.

- When you have found the tweak, you click Settings> Confirm to download to a computer. Wait until the Restart Springboard appear inscription process is complete.

3, Usage TinyBar

- This is a relatively small tweak is useful mod should inform people with no need to perform too many operations to use.

- First from the installation directory, access to tweak TinyBar. You will see the interface tweaks are displayed on the screen.

TinyBar is and how to use TinyBar on iPhone

The interface displays the Settings TinyBar

- Now you Enable to activate tweak and use.

- Now you will perform scrolling display in 3 muc Hight Banner, Banner Croll Duration and speed to select the size and display scrolling text of the notice of iOS devices appear.

- You can adjust the size of the status bar on the machine and pull down to answer direct notification.

TinyBar is and how to use TinyBar on iPhone

Miniature Banner notifications bar area with TinyBar

- So with the above information must you have been able to perform the installation and use  TinyBar on your iOS device now.

Wish you have the exciting experience.