What makes one keyword gold

To earn a gold keyword when doing keyword research for your niche site should consider the following factors.

1 . Volumn Search
How many 1 -month search volume may be used as the main keyword for the niche site? The answer depends on the nature of the keyword , I will explain in greater detail later . But your numbers to at least 1000 is estimated searches / month , which means at least 1000 searches for this keyword each month .
And here is the 1000 search exact match search , meaning that people typed into Google this exact keyword okay . The more turns , the keyword search as well , however most likely the competition will be high .
2 . CPC
Also known as CPC or Cost Per Click , is the amount that advertisers pay Google when users click on their ads , which means higher CPC keyword that is hot and profitable , you can refer indicators to assess the potential of the keyword . And even better if you play GA is clear this is a can not miss criteria .
3 . Target
Target here is the output target of the search , Local Search and Global Search . I encourage you to use Local Search , local search can search the keyword high in countries with high online purchase behavior , such as Europe, USA , Canada , UK … These users have a habit of buying here very good and will help you increase your conversion rate than other countries .
4 . The Keyword Value
What is more urgent after the keyword between the 2 ?
free funny pictures
How to remove belly fat
Clearly , the keyword ” How to remove belly fat ” more valuable , because the search words are having one big problem , which is to be belly fat , they are looking for ways to remove it and have a body more beautiful . So if you have a solution to help them , why ? They must not spare a few dozen $ to buy your product , as long as their problem solved , right?
And the keyword ” Free funny pictures ” ? Are you willing to pay $ 1 to buy 1 not funny photos ? It must be much more difficult decision than buying solutions and belly fat cure .
And I ‘m sure that the keyword ” Free funny picture ” have many times more search volume than “how to remove belly fat ” , but said the profit potential is far below that .
Conclusion: the larger the problem , the more urgent the more high-value keyword .
5 . Buyer Keyword
Buyer What is keyword ? Services straightforward and simple , it ‘s keyword purchases , meaning that if users search the keyword this is their purchase intentions are very clear , the chances that visitor to your site through keyword buyer and purchase will be much higher than other keyword . In short , the quality of your traffic is going over to the buyer keyword .
And that is why you should be selected buyer keyword is the keyword .
I will take the example : If a search word : ” Canon 60d ” , it means they are learning about the Canon 60D , and there are many steps will it be until they buy Canon 60D , maybe they will on your website information , but they can buy in one place.
Consider the following keyword : ” Where to buy Canon 60D ,” OK , now their intentions more clear , they ‘re looking for places to buy and sell , if they are on your website , and words enough to convince you that where you sell is quality and competitive prices , the strong possibility that you will be a sale and commission .
That is the effect of the Buyer keyword . And I ‘ve collected the best buyer keyword in the list below, you can see and store it for future reference intended