Where does vlc save snapshots - Answer


Step 1: After installing VLC Media Player on your computer. Before you start taking photos, you should first set up the folder containing the image file as well as the format by

On the Menu, select Tools -> Preferences (Ctrl + P)

bat tinh chong anh video voi vlc media player

Step 2: The Simple Preferences window opens, select Video, drag down the slider to Video snapshots to set some parameters.

- Directory: Select the folder containing the snapshot file, click Browser.
- Format: Select the format for output image file, there are 3 main formats are PNG, JPG and TIFF.

Click Save to save the setting

VLC Media Player

Step 3: Open a video that you want to capture by clicking Media on the menu -> Open File (or use Ctrl + O).

Step 4: Play Video and click Pause to frame you want to capture to pause playback.

Step 5: Right click on the video frame, select Video -> Take Snapshot to save the image.

At this point, the file just saved will be automatically saved in the folder you selected, access this folder to open the image file. This is the image file that has just been captured.

Do the same if you take different pictures on different videos. If you do not like to use VLC Media Player to take pictures, you can search the software support Youtube video available at Taimienphi.vn.

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