Windows Phone 8.1 - The most prominent feature

The following article will help you to our learning about the new features and most notably Microsoft have worked hard to perfect for this OS

Can you go through the main features through the following chart

1.Trung Notification Center Action Center

Action Center is the first thing want addressed in intelligent improvement on  Windows Phone 8.1 . This is a feature that is perhaps the most widely anticipated Windows Phone in general. So Action Center What's new?

- Notification Center Action Center  to manage and report the incident.

- Action Center  provides quick access to applications, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, brightness ...

In this section there things I regret most is not turned off 3G mode

2. Store Apps +

- Applications and games can be stored to the memory card. This is one very significant feature in this update. It helps you to free up memory 1 maximum. However apps on memory cards will only be used on one device only, if a memory card plugged into other devices, these applications will be deleted

- Filter applications installed on the machine. This is only a small improvement, but the benefits it brings are large: you do not need to browse the huge warehouse only to find a few three app with their preferences. They will be available for Windows Phone offers you a view.

- Support for data backup up OneDrive Game App +

- The app will be updated Facebook app separately and better features.

- Allows selection 1 update applications automatically


3. Vietnamese Keyboard TELEX and VNI

This is certainly the feature supports most popular market for Vietnam

4. Start screen background image

This is one great feature, but it's not one feature very familiar with all operating systems. Now it has been brought into Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

Wallpaper of Windows Phone 8.1 will stand below and the Live Tile box will glide above transparent look very interesting. Tile Still some will not become transparent but retain the default color (such as Xbox Music, Skype, OneDrive, Facebook)


5. The camera also has certain improvements

- Take pictures continuously, can automatically delete the photos were taken in continuous shooting mode.

- New interface, press the keys were made bigger, more comfortable operation.

- Shooting blur


6. The browser Internet Explorer 11

- Save and remember passwords.

- File upload sites through Internet Explorer 11.

- The tabs are shown independent of the multitasking window.

- Play the video to YouTube, HTML5 video support.

7. "Virtual Assistant" Cortana

This is a very new feature and it was only the first time appeared in Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana will use the data search from Bing, is inspired by the practical assistant in real life. Users can use Cortana to book an appointment, schedule, call or send messages, search for places on smartphones

You are authorized to install now "Quiet Hours" to Cortana off automatically notified of the message and call, so you will not be disturbed when sleeping or when the weekend jaunt.

The most unfortunate thing in this section is not supported Vietnamese should you want to experience it is to change the language and to America to experience this feature 8. Battery Saver + Storage Sense + Data Sense

Battery Saver app tells you how much battery life the most and you can turn them off if necessary. Here we can also enable power saving up and then a small shield icon will appear above the battery.

Data Sense , it has been present for a long time and up to Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has additional modes High Savings Data compression allows images and data in general when you surf the web with a mobile network. This mode will help you save money, and will speed up page loading.

Storage Sense tool is a new memory management of Windows Phone and it will tell you that each type of file, each content type occupy much space on our phone. It also supports moving content between the memory with SD card.

9. Split ring volume and the volume when playing multimedia files

This is one feature that users have long demanded from microsoft. Windows Phone 8.1 will give us two separate sliders to independently control call volume and volume when playing music or movies.

Above we have introduced you to the most prominent feature on the Windows Phone 8.1 update. You can refer to articles update to Windows Phone 8.1 here

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