Application sync and share photos of Facebook - Moments for Android

Moments for Android, Facebook Moments group your photos based on who appears in photos and when they get out, just one touch, you can sync photos with those who are selected. Then, your friends can add their photos to Momments. And now, all of them get the full set of photos.

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Moments for Android - Application sync and share photos of Facebook

Moments is an independent app publisher of Facebook, allowing users to share and sync personal photos from events such as trips, weddings, parties, etc. between a group of people.

This is a wonderful thing: application groups your photos based on who appears in photos and when they get out, just one touch, you can sync photos with those who are selected. Then, your friends can add their photos to the momment. And now, all of them get the full set of photos.

Facebook Moments take users into a world of photo sharing, with two advantages which it had before. One is that Facebook knows who are friends of each other and both are advantage Messenger with more than 700 million users. With this application, users can create collaborative photo album, allowing multiple people can post pictures and share photos. This app uses facial recognition technology itself when the tag on Facebook to sort and organize photos on your phone by audience and time. Photos can be shared with specific friends or the whole of the group. You can also find photos of yourself or those you specifically.

Moments for Android

Application sharing and sync personal photos of Facebook on Android

Considered the great rival of Google Photos , New momment but currently only available on the Apple App Store and Google Play in the US and will soon be available in many other countries in the near future.

Momment for Android is the easiest way to get all your photos on the phone of a friend. After the events, celebrations, trips or outings, it is difficult to collect all images to review. Just Facebook Momments, you can quickly sniff the photos from friends and vice versa.

The main feature of Momments for Android

  • All the photos are sorted in a private place
  • Sync multiple photos at once - no need to send a message or email private photos
  • Search for photos of yourself or your friends
  • Save photos in sync with your people in your photo library on the device
  • Share on Facebook or Instagram directly or send in applications Messenger if you want.

Moments for Android 

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FAQ using Moments

How to sync my photos to a friend

When you open Moments, recent images will appear as private "Private" and will be grouped based on the people you or your friends appear in images when shooting.

To synchronize the group photo, you tap the icon 

To add or remove friends before syncing

  • Touch sync with [friend's name] Sync to [friend's name]?
  • Touch the icon  to select the photos you want to sync and touch and Sync to [friend's name]?
  • Tap to add or remove friends want to sync photos with them and touch Done
  • Touch Sync

When you sync photos with friends, you'll start a new Moments that both you and selected friends can add photos to it.

Moments not sync photos hints

  • Touch See All at the top right
  • Touch 
  • Tap  to select the photos you want to sync and select Next
  • Tap to select the friends you want to sync photos and touching the Choose Existing Moment to add them to your photos
  • Touch and Sync

How to add or edit titles Moment

To add a title to a moment

  • First go to the moment you want to add title
  • Touch Add Title and enter a title
  • Tap Done

To edit a moment

  • Go to the moment you want to edit
  • Tap the icon  in the top right corner of the touch Edit Title
  • Enter a new title and touch Done

Add photos to a Moment

To add photos to a Moment

  • Go to the moment you want to add photos
  • Touch the icon 
  • Tap  next to the photo you want to add and touch Sync

To see photos of friends with my synchronized

Moments after the opening, all synchronized images will appear as synced . You can see them in 3 ways:

  • Tap  to view recent activity
  • Touch  to view all your images synchronized with
  • Tap  to view captioned moment

How to save your friends sync photos to the gallery on the device

To save your friend sync the photos to your photo library

  • Touch and photos you want to save
  • Slow 
  • Tap Save

Moments to share photos from other applications

When a photo is synchronized, you can share it to another application such as Facebook. Remember that the photos are synchronized on Moments are private and secure until you or a friend you sync the selection wider sharing.

To share photos chestnuts are synchronized:

  • Touch the photo to share
  • Touch 
  • Tap where you want to share your photos (eg message or Facebook)

How to leave or delete a moment

You can leave a moment you're in, or deleted if you wish

To leave or delete the moment:

  • Touching moment you want dropped or deleted
  • Touch the  screen corner
  • Touching Moment Leave to leave a last moment add or delete Moment to moment you delete a beginner.

Can I stop Moments in pictures not recognize me?

Moments can recognize you in a photo of your friends by comparing their image to represent your photos and other images that you tagged on Facebook. Here's how to make a recommendation tagged on Facebook.

If you choose to make proposals tagged on Facebook to Nobody , you will not be recognized in the image of his friend in Moments.

Friends can see my photos in sync with where they

Sync your photos with friends can only share in Moments if you or a friend decided not to share them out applications.

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