What country is Daikin air conditioner? Manufacturing where?

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Daikin is a famous air conditioner brand name in the refrigeration market that is currently popular with Vietnamese consumers. Therefore, which country Daikin air conditioner? Manufacturing where? These are questions that are asked by a lot of consumers when they need to buy  air conditioners of this brand. Please join WebTech360 to learn about Daikin air conditioners through the article below!

What country is Daikin air conditioner?

Daikin is a famous Japanese air-conditioner brand, with many factories in countries around the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China and Vietnam ...

Daikin air conditioner appeared on the Vietnamese market in 1995 and was distributed by Viet Kim Company - precursor of Daikin Vietnam. In October 2008, Viet Kim Joint Stock Company became a reputable air conditioner supplier in Vietnam market, officially a member of Daikin Group. By early 2015, Viet Kim Joint Stock Company changed its name to Daikin Airconditioning (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company, also known as Daikin Vietnam.

What country is Daikin air conditioner?  Manufacturing where?

Daikin air conditioner belongs to famous brand line of Japan

Where is Daikin made?

Daikin air-conditioner is divided into 3 main product lines: high-end air-conditioner series , inverter air-conditioner series and non-inverter air-conditioner series , imported mainly from Malaysia, China, Thailand and Japan. According to international standards, consumers can be completely assured when using.

In 2018, Daikin Vietnam established an air-conditioning factory in Hung Yen. Japan's top standard Daikin air-conditioner is manufactured in Vietnam to help Vietnamese consumers choose to buy quality air-conditioners with a much lower price, due to lower input costs compared to imported air-conditioners.

In the Vietnamese market, Daikin air conditioner mainly focuses on low capacity wall-mounted air-conditioning products: 1HP, 1.5HP , 2HP. As for the models with large capacity of about 2.5HP or Daikin ceiling air conditioner, which is usually imported from Thailand and Malaysia.

What country is Daikin air conditioner?  Manufacturing where?

Daikin air conditioner is produced in Vietnam, using Japanese technology

Is Daikin air conditioner good?

Daikin air conditioning is modernly favored for its features and modern energy-efficient technologies such as: rapid cooling, optimized energy- saving inverter technology , Titan Apatite photocatalytic deodorizing filter. Intelligent eye sensor and environmentally friendly refrigerant use.

Daikin air-conditioner is a brand name product that is manufactured according to Japanese standards. With spending bringing comfort and convenience to consumers, Daikin air conditioner promises to bring you satisfaction and complete peace of mind in terms of durability, optimal energy saving.

What country is Daikin air conditioner?  Manufacturing where?

Daikin air conditioner is equipped with Inverter technology to help save maximum power

Above is the article shared by WebTech360 Electronics - Furniture Supermarket to answer questions about which countries Daikin air conditioners? Where to produce and help you understand more about this brand. Daikin air-conditioner lines are currently being distributed at WebTech360 Supermarket at preferential prices. In addition, when buying, you will also receive other attractive promotional gifts.

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