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GoodReader for iPad

GoodReader for iPad, GoodReader can be the most valuable software which you invest for iPad. Supposedly magic software, you can display PDF files and thousands of other data formats, ...

11,1 MB Download

Remco VLC for iPhone

Remco for iPhone VLC, VLC Remco is a small free application that allows you to control VLC applications running on Windows, Linux or Mac. You can install this application from the App Store.

Salesforce Mobile for iPhone

Salesforce Mobile for iPhone, this application will be very necessary for the business employees to manage customer lists, contact your partner. Can sort contacts by account, opportunity and location.

3,8 MB Download

NetNewsWire for iPhone

NetNewsWire for iPhone NewsGator also offers a version of NetNewsWire iPhone app, it is available in both Free and Premium versions. You can use a large number of RSS on iPhone applications, here is something to be expected in using Google Reader as a backend.

900 KB Download

VR +: Voice Recorder for iPhone

VR +: Voice Recorder for iPhone, Tools recording and share voice, Voice Recorder, Voice Messenger and Voice Sharing Tool, all in one for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger.

2,1 MB Download

Tweet That Tune for iPhone

Tweet That Tune for iPhone, Tweet That Tune is a convenient tool for all those who are "addicted" to Twitter to share "liking" their music with friends.

1,1 MB Download