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Office2 for iPhone

Office2 for iPhone, Hãng Byte Squared vừa phát hành ứng dụng văn phòng - Office2 dành cho iPhone và iPod Touch, cho phép người dùng chỉnh sửa tài liệu Word và bảng tính Excel theo định dạng .doc và .xls ngay trên thiết bị của họ.

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Office Suite for iPhone - Documents To Go

Documents To Go - Office Suite for iPhone, DocsToGo of DataViz application for editing simple text with basic formatting options, and the choice of cloud storage connector. However, DocsToGo offers more capabilities, such as search and replace function, counting words.

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GoodReader for iPhone

GoodReader for iPhone, there are dozens of applications to open PDF documents on the iPhone, but what you really want to be able to highlight text in the PDF file, add annotations and manipulations like that . GoodReader app to do so.

Fight in doomsday - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is interesting FPS game series and best practice on the following smartphone version 2 Modern Combat: Black Pegasus HD. In this version, the higher the intensity of playing with the battle for the freedom of the United States for one or more girls and

Easy WiFi for iPhone

Easy WiFi for iPhone, Easy WiFi offers some similar features WeFi, including automatic mode to login to the portal (captive portals) and sensitive encrypted data transfer to / from the server Easy WiFi.

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Cyclops, the Cyclops is a barcode scanning software is very convenient for your iPhone device ...

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Uranus, Uranus astronomy app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. This software will locate more than 100,000 stars, planets, sun, moon, galaxies, constellations, eclipses ...

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