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Junos Pulse for iPhone for iPad

Junos Pulse for iPhone for iPad, Juniper Networks Corporation has just released a pretty practical applications - Junos Pulse App for iPad tablet. This application allows users to connect and remotely access to the entire resources of the business of

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Free for iPhone iHandy Level

iHandy Level Free for iPhone, iHandy Level Free for iPhone is one of the tools from the app iHandy Carpenter, iHandy Level Free turns your iPhone into a measurement device with high accuracy standards.

10,1 MB Download

Camera Mic for iPhone

Camera Mic for iPhone, Camera Mic 1.1 application is photographed by the sound through the microphone, lets you activate the camera and take pictures by tapping on the computer microphone, headset microphone or any sound emitted from outside ...

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Molecules for iPhone

Molecules for iPhone 1.4.2 Software Molecules is a molecular inventory dictionary to help you view 3D images of chemical molecules, observe them in real space motion under different angles of molecules to a better understanding of them.

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Meal Snap for iPhone

Meal Snap for iPhone, Meal Snap, application for iPhone has just been published DailyBurn, allowing users to check the level of energy (Calorie) of food through a picture of the food items which electric Voice on the iPhone.

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ReaddleDocs for iOS

ReaddleDocs for iOS, the software ReaddleDocs read the text format DOC, XLS, PDF, DOCX ... on iPhone. The latest version of the software ReaddleDocs 2.2 9,7MB storage capacity with interface support English, Korean.

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GoodReader for iPhone

GoodReader for iPhone, GoodReader is rated as one of the 10 must-have apps on the iPad. GoodReader can display multiple file formats

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