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Smart Recorder for iOS

Smart Recorder for iOS, Smart Recorder is one of the software is capable of recording calls in both directions outgoing and incoming call.

3,1 MB Download

Game ratings bi - CornerChaos For iOS

CornerChaos For iOS, the game CornerChaos genre bi attractive ratings on devices iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. Drop the colored balls into the holes located near the four corners of the play area.

1,8 MB Download

Autofocus for iPhone

Autofocus for iPhone, Autofocus is the leading application for editing photos directly on your iPhone device. From the best-selling version of Photo Editor, this is the latest version was specifically developed for the iPhone ...

2,5 MB Download

iA Writer for iPad

iA Writer for iPad, iA Writer is a very good editor, especially ones or writing: journalist, reporter ... loved by its convenience.

Effects HD For iPad

Effects HD For iPad, Effects HD offers 12 image editing effects including black & white effects, sepia, ... and 8 frame options to edit photos taken with the iPad itself.

43,2 MB Download

FotoEditor For iPad

FotoEditor For iPad, FotoEditor image editing application is free for the iPad, allowing you to adjust brightness, color balance, alternating pictures, see more photos, ...

3,1 MB Download