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Dermandar for iOS

Dermandar for iOS, Dermandar for iOS lets you capture and share panoramas in seconds. With Dermandar you can capture individual panels and connect them to create a picture perfect panorama.

2,4 MB Download

Leafsnap for iPhone

Leafsnap for iPhone, iPhone app store has just added a new app called LeafSnap can detect plants by analyzing images of leaves.

50,8 MB Download

Photobook For iOS

Photobook For iOS, Photobook For iOS is an application to help you share your favorite photos on social networks, upload them directly from your mobile phone to an existing album or create a new album.

5,4 MB Download

Zapd for iPhone

Zapd for iPhone, Software Zapd helps you personalize your album by creating a photo sharing website is extremely fast with the free theme wallpaper 20 beautiful, you can add titles, captions for each picture photos in album

14,1 MB Download

ArtCamera For iOS

ArtCamera For iOS, check filters ArtCamera artwork to beautify your image. With 33 different filters, ArtCamera brings you these beautiful artistic photos on iPhone, iPod.

19,9 MB Download

Epocrates for iOS

Epocrates for iOS, Epocrates is one of the world's leading application service in the field of medicine, so doctors use the information.

6,2 MB Download

Drone Control

Drone Control, This is a remote control application Parrot AR Drone for. Of course it is only useful if you already have the hardware from Parrot AR.Drone.

8,1 MB Download


WhatTheFont, Use What font is very important to create an impressive website, perfect. Sometimes accidentally seen a document, web page, you find the font that works well for your website but do not know the name of the font to use.

204,8 KB Download

iPlayBook Football for iOS

iPlayBook Football for iOS, The tactical scheme is impossible in sport king - football. You have no knowledge of it, you want to coach or simply a tactical need for a friendly match with friends. Football iPlayBook diagram will help you to fight t

6,1 MB Download

Color Expert for iPhone

Color Expert for iPhone, Color Expert 1.2.2 for iPhone is an application related to the color for the designer to complete basic functions.

3,8 MB Download

ArtRage for iPad

ArtRage for iPad, ArtRage is a painting and drawing application, which is used to prevent water ... on Windows and Mac, now available on iPad.

8,5 MB Download