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Square For iOS

Square For iOS, credit card support for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without contracts, monthly fees or requirements to purchase accounts.

Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone

Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone, Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone / iPad / iPod 4 is a PDF document reader for free, with fast boot speed. In addition, it can also read PDF files locked by DRM-X.

AllSync for iPhone

AllSync for iPhone, phonebook synchronization on devices using iOS really annoying if you store your contacts in different places, such as Facebook, Google.

7,6 MB Download

iATM Lite for iPhone

iATM Lite for iPhone, to take advantage of the majority of the undeniable advantages of ATM cards, our software gives you information, addresses of most of the ATMs of major banks Hanoi and HCMC.

2,4 MB Download

iTruyen for iPhone

iTruyen for iPhone, With diverse libraries from Greek mythology, tales of celebrity Vietnam to short stories witty humor.

3,2 MB Download