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Lego Board Games wisdom - Ratings for Android 2.1 Lego

Lego Ratings for Android, a simple game but very intellectual addiction. You may take a red lego blocks, but it is trapped between the other lego blocks sprawling. And your job is to rearrange the blue lego blocks to get ready for the red block lego out how to move as few steps as you can.

3,8 MB Download

famous game title Empire - Empire for Android 1.1.5

Empire for Android, the game combines Empire genre goalkeeper and tactical real time. Maybe this is a miniature view of the legendary game Age of Empire combined with the play of the familiar players like Plan vs Zombies, Fieldrunners, Tower Defense ...

Action Games fun - Water games for Android 1.6

Water games for Android, water is an arcade game fun and very addictive. This is a simple game in which 1 red and 1 basket green basket along with 5 red plastic balls and 5 green fruit. This is the category arcade games, action games and game best board game format available.

2,7 MB Download