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Smart Recorder for iOS

Smart Recorder for iOS, Smart Recorder is one of the software is capable of recording calls in both directions outgoing and incoming call.

3,1 MB Download

iA Writer for iPad

iA Writer for iPad, iA Writer is a very good editor, especially ones or writing: journalist, reporter ... loved by its convenience.

Leafsnap for iPhone

Leafsnap for iPhone, iPhone app store has just added a new app called LeafSnap can detect plants by analyzing images of leaves.

50,8 MB Download

Zapd for iPhone

Zapd for iPhone, Software Zapd helps you personalize your album by creating a photo sharing website is extremely fast with the free theme wallpaper 20 beautiful, you can add titles, captions for each picture photos in album

14,1 MB Download

Epocrates for iOS

Epocrates for iOS, Epocrates is one of the world's leading application service in the field of medicine, so doctors use the information.

6,2 MB Download

Drone Control

Drone Control, This is a remote control application Parrot AR Drone for. Of course it is only useful if you already have the hardware from Parrot AR.Drone.

8,1 MB Download

iPlayBook Football for iOS

iPlayBook Football for iOS, The tactical scheme is impossible in sport king - football. You have no knowledge of it, you want to coach or simply a tactical need for a friendly match with friends. Football iPlayBook diagram will help you to fight t

6,1 MB Download

ArtRage for iPad

ArtRage for iPad, ArtRage is a painting and drawing application, which is used to prevent water ... on Windows and Mac, now available on iPad.

8,5 MB Download

BibleReader for iOS

BibleReader for iOS, BibleReader is a great way to read and study the Bible, an application is the credibility of religious leaders. They can write a note, marked and cited the important paragraphs, then back up or sync them with equipment

29,7 MB Download

Quran Reader for iOS

Quran Reader for iOS, Quran Reader lets you read the Qur'an correctly with a slick interface, easy to use and intuitive. Quran Reader is the best way to read the Quran on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

85,5 MB Download

HebrewBible for iOS

HebrewBible for iOS, the Hebrew Bible iPhone is designed to read and study the Bible known Jewish, Aramaic (the Torah) or in a format that combines Jewish language simultaneous interpretation and a different language.

16,6 MB Download

Virtual History ROMA for iPad

Virtual History ROMA for iPad, Virtual History ROMA is a software that gives you the experience fun and exciting for Mondadori - the capital of the largest empire in the ancient world, was

201 MB Download

Star Trek Comics For iOS

Star Trek Comics For iOS, Discover completely new world, get acquainted with new residents on the iPad or iPhone devices. The entire Star Trek comic books are

6,2 MB Download

Star Trek Comics for iOS

Star Trek Comics for iOS, Check phanhung whole new world, get acquainted with new residents on the iPad or iPhone devices. The entire Star Trek comic books are

6,2 MB Download

Square For iOS

Square For iOS, credit card support for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without contracts, monthly fees or requirements to purchase accounts.

Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone

Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone, Haihaisoft Reader for iPhone / iPad / iPod 4 is a PDF document reader for free, with fast boot speed. In addition, it can also read PDF files locked by DRM-X.

AllSync for iPhone

AllSync for iPhone, phonebook synchronization on devices using iOS really annoying if you store your contacts in different places, such as Facebook, Google.

7,6 MB Download

iATM Lite for iPhone

iATM Lite for iPhone, to take advantage of the majority of the undeniable advantages of ATM cards, our software gives you information, addresses of most of the ATMs of major banks Hanoi and HCMC.

2,4 MB Download

iTruyen for iPhone

iTruyen for iPhone, With diverse libraries from Greek mythology, tales of celebrity Vietnam to short stories witty humor.

3,2 MB Download