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VirusBarrier Express for iOS

VirusBarrier Express for iOS, Intego has released VirusBarrier iOS, utility scans the first malware for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. VirusBarrier iOS available on the Apple App Store for just $ 2.99.

Voice Encryption - Kryptos for iOS

Kryptos for iOS, Kryptos is a speech coding applications safely and reliably. This software application mechanism 256 bit AES encryption to encrypt voice communications before transmission using 2048 bit RSA.

3,5 MB Download

Encrypt SMS for iOS

Encrypt SMS for iOS, you want to send a written message or SMS that only you and the recipient can understand? You need to send confidential information via SMS but did not want anyone to know?

102,4 KB Download

SecuMail for iOS

SecuMail for iOS, is a security tool SecuMail connection process between iOS devices and computers under the OpenPGP (RFC2440, RFC4880).

5,5 MB Download

Encrypted calls - Cellcrypt Mobile for iOS

Cellcrypt Mobile for iOS, Cellcrypt Mobile is an application that encrypted calls from iOS devices. The software is free for current users "Cellcrypt Encrypted Voice Service (tm)." Cellcrypt Mobile does not allow encrypted call if not buy Encrypted Voice Service license of Cellcrypt (