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3D Game diamond ratings on Android - Bejeweled for Android

Bejeweled for Android, after one long time, and finally, Electronic Arts has released the Android version of Bejeweled, diamond puzzle game ever to storm the charts on iOS game world. Now you can explore the puzzle number 1 titles in a new way on Android devices absolutely free.

Game put chicken crossed the road on Android - Crossy Road for Android 1.0.0

Crossy Road for Android, Like most games run endless, you need chicken crossed the road leads and avoid obstacles: crossing the road to avoid cars and trucks; via rail to avoid train, cross the river by square logs floating in the river. Try to go as far as possible to score many points, collect more ultra cute characters join the "crossing the line" and sisters!

Heroes RPG Charge on Android - Charge for Android 1.6.2 Heroes

Heroes Charge for Android, Join with friends in the online RPG multiplayer (MOBA) newest and most exciting - HEROES CHARGE! Collecting and training your heroes, summon allies, strengthening the power of the hero and kill enemies in this fast paced game brings the thrilling and extremely addictive.