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FeedOne for iPhone

FeedOne for iPhone, you can login Though Google Reader (GR) on the iPad, and read the blog, my favorite site everywhere, there are no little free app that helps you easily update more news, perhaps Release is for you to read offine when no Internet connection.

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Read the newspaper CafeF - Report CafeF for iOS 1.5

Report CafeF for iOS, with the number of entries varied, fast and accurate updates, user-friendly interface, easy to see, the app gives readers an overview of the economic picture in the country and the world, especially the banking and financial sectors and securities.

A-Football for iOS 0.5 - football news updates

A-Football for iOS, A-Football - A free application on the mobile phone allows you to view the latest information about the soccer tournament wherever. Especially A-Football results to date, information about football constantly and accurately.

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