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Android Game King theft - King of Thieves for Android

King of Thieves for Android, bringing players in game two tasks simultaneously steals gold from other players and build traps to defend their stronghold (same format Tower Defense game). So Kings of Thieves not only purely intellectual element which is the harmony of both tactical and adventure.

Game pathfinder delivery on Android - RGB Express for Android 1.3.0

Express for Android RGB, RGB Express is a puzzle game with a unique intelligence play a simple but extremely challenging, addictive to play. In the game, you control the car delivery to its correct position. It sounds simple but why game again afford to storm the charts on intellectual game items for apple devices?

MMO strategy game on Android - War Inc for Android 1122

War Inc for Android, War Inc. is a military strategy game of modern combat system with great attention to detail, perfect gameplay, military intelligence units, bringing depth strategy that will surely make you repeatedly point out claims, play and deposed rival game turn. Be dutiful to the world and fight dangerous hordes of enemies and no less.