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News Reader for iPad

News Reader for iPad, News Reader for iPad is full of GR features but with different interfaces. After sync with GR, you can Dyet believed categories, as well as read news from other people shared, starred.

4,4 MB Download

SecurityCam for iPhone

SecurityCam for iPhone, True to its name, Security Cam turns your iPhone, iPod touch into a security camera to take photos and record video in the sensitive areas.

2,7 MB Download


MobileIron, the application programming interface API MobileIron can add system support decision making in business (business intelligence - BI) on popular mobile applications.

4,6 MB Download

FTP Deluxe HD for iOS

FTP Deluxe HD for iOS, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over TCP / IP-based network.

7,1 MB Download

Mango for iPhone

Mango for iPhone, Mango for iPhone is a web browser on the iPhone is Guho Choi developed with features no less than a browser running on a PC.

2,2 MB Download

VanillaSurf for iPhone

VanillaSurf for iPhone, VanillaSurf for iPhone is considered the third best browser on the iPhone and iPod touch with thousands of users all over the world.

1,1 MB Download

Modiac Explorer for iOS

Modiac Explorer for iOS, you want to watch online Flash video on my iOS device? Modiac Explorer web browser is enhanced free to play Flash videos on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

334 KB Download

Terra for iPad

Terra for iPad, Terra is viewed as one of the best and fastest browser for the iPad, especially as it is free.

4,2 MB Download

iMovicha for iPhone

iMovicha for iPhone, iMovicha (Mobile Video Chat) is a video calling application for iOS 4, Android, Symbian, Windows 7, Mac OS X (version available soon BlackBerry).

iChungKhoan Lite for iPhone

iChungKhoan Lite for iPhone, chili indispensable tool for a stock investors, the index of Vietnam's stock market is updated in real time. You can make a table tracking the stocks that interest you.