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Game Cinderella on Android - Cinderella Story for Android 1:54

Cinderella Story for Android, Cinderella Story is a fascinating adventure game, tells the story of the beautiful Cinderella, but become slaves in a castle. In this game, players will control multiple characters complete a task in time for a very important event of the royal family: The Annual Ball. Cinderella Story strong compatibility with Android devices 3.0 and above and free experience.

RPG multiplayer on Android - Mage And Minions for Android 1.1.15

And Minions for Android Mage, Mage And Minions is a role-playing action game tight guillotine very attractive, inspired from legendary stories about the bloodthirsty monsters return to Earth with conspiracy to dominate the world . No one else, you are a super hero with a mission to destroy Ragadam flood this sinister evil monster.