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Game Empire featured on Android - Forge of Empires for Android 1.62.0

Forge of Empires for Android, Forge of Empires is a strategy game cult first appeared on the browser, then was developed for both Android and iOS platforms. In this game, players will receive the task of building the modern city from a small village and turning them into his own empire, and invade the territory of the other competitors.

Game action shooter on Android - Dead Effect 2 for Android

Dead Effect 2 for Android, Dead Effect 2 is the sequel to the action game shooter first person Dead Effect, is based on the context of the universe is thrown into chaos. The presence of clusters of bloodthirsty zombies that whole world in ruins and you had to stand up to regain its inherent order.

racing game on Android attractive - Asphalt Nitro for Android 1.0.1b

Asphalt Nitro for Android, Asphalt Nitro - the latest titles belonging Asphalt racing game series was released by renowned game Gameloft has officially available on the Android platform. In addition to the typical features of the Asphalt series is most notable point of Asphalt Nitro is the ultra-light settings - only 23MB compared to blockbuster predecessor.