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Novel snails run - Snails run for iOS 1.0

Snails run for iOS, "snail run" is a novel by writer Ye Chi Linh. This is a young writer with innovative styles, youthful, style of writing clear, gently but equally daring with unexpected situations, the clever rejoinder of the characters.

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Stories Psychology boyfriend - Psychology boyfriend for iOS 1.0

Psychology boyfriend for iOS, this app will help the boyfriend or girlfriend better understand their psychological and physical and heterosexual sex. Hope of policy analysis will contribute to you men and women improve their skills psychoanalysis - one of the important soft skills when communicating with anyone.

3,7 MB Download

says general bookstore - Audio Books for iOS 1.0

Audio Books for iOS, Audio Books is a bookstore giant said we collect and carefully compiled. The application has a lot of categories such as Fairy Tales, stories swordplay, answer questions swirling rotation, Blog Radio, detective stories, Dale Carnegie, seeds soul ...

1,3 MB Download

free audio books Anthology - IOS 1.0.0 for books

Audio books for iOS, you've heard of the said website or other applications you always hear the first part because it began bother to listen to payment. Now you can rest assured that I can get through the books completely free and never require users to pay inside.

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Reading for free on iPhone - For children with sleep for iOS 1.0.2

For children with sleep for iOS, Good sleep is sleep time, sleep, deep sleep. Each person must exercise his habit of putting yourself down is to sleep immediately. This habit must be trained from childhood. Many people, especially children, because without this habit but disturbed sleep, lack of sleep, insomnia, or heart disease - can, with something annoying.

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