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Terra for iPad

Terra for iPad, Terra is viewed as one of the best and fastest browser for the iPad, especially as it is free.

4,2 MB Download

IGA Game - HD for iPad 1.2.5 IGA

HD for iPad IGA, is a light entertainment game, IGA does not require much time or skill from the player. Moreover, the strength is game play right on your phone, the player can shoot chickens in anywhere as long as there is an iPhone / iPod / iPad with 3G or wifi connection.

196 MB Download

RPG - 3012+ for iOS 1.3.2

3012+ for iOS, Formerly had oracles that the Earth will soon fall into destruction disaster caused by the forces of darkness and evil attack. All hope fell on Kan - boys have the ability to connect with the spirit world, the only one who possesses the capacity that can rival the forces Darkness; but unfortunately Kan has mysteriously disappeared at the most important moment.