Movie Review Drishyam (2015) - In the name of justice

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Duration: 163 minutes

Directed by: Nishikant Kamat

Actors: Ajay Devgn, Shriya Saran, Tabu

Country: India

Genre: Crime, Action, Psychology

Premiere: 2015

Movie Review Drishyam (2015) - In the name of justice

In all previous review, WebTech360 introduced to you some good movies and cinematic significance of India as He blinded some small or Dangal . Today, I will continue to bring you a review of a movie from this country that you must admire when you watch the movie because it is really awesome. Especially those who like detective genre and wits battle have to watch movies. Come on, let's review Drishyam movie review (2015) - In the name of justice to be motivated to find this movie, watch now and always.


Story: Even though he was only in grade 4, Vijay still tinkered and opened a cable shop for people in a small countryside of India . He has a passion for watching movies and sometimes even watches, forgetting to go home with his beautiful wife and 2 cute daughters. One day, his daughter accidentally made a mistake, forcing Vijay to find a way with her family to hide it. Will this plan of Vijay be successful or not? Watch the movie to get the answer.


Actually, WebTech360 has tried its best to limit the disclosure of movie content in order to bring you the best cinematic experience. With a duration of up to 163 minutes, the film is really long but you do not feel that when watching Drishyam (2015) because the storytelling and details of the film are so good and engaging. However, for the first 25 minutes, the film is a bit lengthy, mainly to build each of the basic foundations of the story, and then later on thanks to these foundations, you will find the film extremely excellent.

Drishyam (2015) is a remake of a less popular 2013 Indian film . Then, because the content of the 2015 film version is too top, so China has acquired the copyright to release a Chinese version called " Murder " and is also quite appreciated. Comparison between the film on, really the movie that show WebTech360 are you still leave a lot of Indian Most implementations thanks to the story and amazing charisma of the character.

The point that WebTech360 likes most about the film is Vijay's ultimate calculation and planning, which makes viewers go from surprise to surprise and must nod in admiration for his intellect. If you compare with Michael Scofield of Prison Break and Professor of Money Heist, then Drishyam 's Vijay (2015) will be 1 nine 1 ten guys.

Movie Review Drishyam (2015) - In the name of justice


Watching the movie, you will see many extremely profound lines but also reveal the intelligence of the characters. Drishyam (2015) praises the family sentiment, a stinging criticism of police corruption, as well as a delicate but outspoken mention of rape and sexual abuse in India . Surely Vijay's work in the film will leave a lot of controversy with the audience, but the line between right and wrong is really fragile and if in his situation, how will you handle it?

However, Drishyam (2015) still has some minor minus points that make Vijay's plan not really perfect. However, with the film scene in the years 199x -200x this time, it is completely acceptable. After watching this movie, we will learn a lesson that is to actively watch more movies, because that is a method to help you smarter. WebTech360 likes the plot of the movie, so this section is 8.5 / 10 .

Image - sound : As mentioned above, Drishyam (2015) takes the timeline in the late twentieth century, so the film color and background are old with many objects and technology that are outdated and underdeveloped. development. The film uses many slo-motion scenes tomake the characters cool and flea fleas. The music in the movie is really good, catchy and especially the film does not have many dancing and singing scenes commonly seen in Indian films. WebTech360 scores this section 8/10 .

Movie Review Drishyam (2015) - In the name of justice

Acting: Although some scenes look a bit fake and amateur, but Drishyam (2015) owns a cast with extremely good charisma and expression. In particular, the female roles in the movie are all beautiful, inclined to the side, equal to Miss India, so watch the eye roll. The main role lines and the villains are extremely excellent incarnations, especially there are scenes where you feel a lot of hatred for a character in the movie. So, WebTech360 marks the acting part 8/10 too.

Assessment scale:

IMDB: 8.2 / 10 (61,187 reviews)

Google: 95/100

Rotten Tomatoes: 79/100 (Fresh Tomato)

In short , Drishyam (2015) - In the name of justice is an extremely excellent Indian film that you must watch, especially for those who love detective and wits. The film is quite long, but in return you will have moments of true entertainment in the current limited season. Find and watch movies now and always go guys.


And you, how do you rate this movie?



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